Investing in advanced analytics

Investing in advanced analytics

Adding to D&A capabilities with KPMG Capital investment; alliance with McLaren.

KPMG Capital on trend with Bottlenose

KPMG Capital,* which focuses on cutting-edge opportunities in the D&A space, has invested in Bottlenose, a leading US-based company using real-time streaming data to help organizations identify and anticipate trends.

Bottlenose is a pioneer in a discipline known as ‘trend intelligence’, with cloud-based enterprise trend detection and monitoring solutions that can automatically identify patterns in streams of data from multiple sources and give businesses added insights and competitive advantage. By providing continuous analytics in real-time, the solutions can help detect emerging opportunities and threats from data trends that can affect a client’s business as they happen.

Alliance with McLaren Group offers a winning formula

KPMG in the UK has formed a strategic alliance with the McLaren Group, best known for their Formula 1 racing team, to apply McLaren Applied Technologies’ (‘MAT’) predictive analytics and technology to a range of KPMG client issues. MAT’s sophisticated analytics and technologies are already being used today in applications as far ranging as improving pharmaceutical R&D and air traffic control systems.

MAT and KPMG will work together to develop and deliver a new range of advisory services. Applying MAT’s predictive analytics and know-how to complex business issues, such as improving the performance of an international supply chain, has the potential to help clients make a step change in the services they provide to their customers. The predictive analytic capabilities can be applied to audit as well, to potentially enhance quality and provide greater insights to management teams, audit committees and investors.

The MAT alliance builds on the KPMG strategy of investing in D&A and technological expertise by developing its own digital platforms and forming strategic alliances with key partners. 

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