KPMG in India’s virtual teaching competency acquisition programme is delivered digitally and is aimed at faculty members and corporate trainers who want to become tech savvy as well as to equip and enhance digital delivery capability.

The programme facilitates the faculty members and Trainers to handle digital disruptions happening in the delivery of training and ready to bring it into their comfort zone. The pandemic has only made it obvious and forced us to adapt ourselves to the new normal of Online Teaching.

Adapting to Digital Delivery is no easy task. Considering that, our programme has been meticulously thought through and planned to deliver value to the attending participant to gain knowledge and skills to handle the digital delivery mechanism.

The programme also facilitates the faculty members and Trainers to handle not only the technology better, but also to effectively use and leverage the digital platform, thereby increasing the Digital Literacy Quotient.

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Programme Methodology

Cultivating Capability

Day 1

Competency Acquisition Phase

- 1 Day, Intense Instructor led intense Classroom coaching Session

- Curriculum based on Skills that are essential for effective and efficient handling of Digital delivery

- Rubrics based approach


1 week Offline Assignment

- 1 week of practice assignment

- 1 week of preparation for Assessment.

Demonstrating Performance

Day 2

Demonstration of Acquired Competency

- All participants present their assignment mimicking the classroom delivery, individually

SME Panel

- Panel of experts from KPMG in India assess the participant

- The Panel shares the assessment outcome to participants individually.

Certification Criteria

Assessment Outcome

- Successful participants are awarded Participation Certificate

- Redo assessment for those who did not clear the assessment.