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Business Analytics using R and Tableau - Advanced is a four-day, instructor-led classroom course using R and Tableau. This course is ideal for participants who are familiar in building predictive models using R. The course is aimed to enhance the skill of participants in advanced analytical techniques. Topics covered are Advanced R programming, Regular Expressions and Data Structure Manipulation, Supervised learning, Ensemble Modelling using boosting and bagging. It also covers visualisation using Tableau which involves data preparation, views and filters and creating dashboards.


Who should attend?

  • Professionals interested in advanced data analytics and visualisation techniques
  • Professionals willing to advance their career in data analytics on their path to being a data scientist
  • Aspirants from science or management or engineering or economics or commerce backgrounds who have thorough knowledge on supervised and unsupervised modelling like Classification, Regression and Clustering using R

Course outcomes

  • Participant should be able to build complex data analytic models involving boosting and bagging
  • Participant acquires sound knowledge on model selection and bias, under fitting and over fitting
  • Participant should be able to add value in data analytics project by building highly accurate models like ADA boost, XGBoost.
  • Participant gains good hands-on exposure to Tableau for data visualisation and be able to build dashboard and various reports.
  • Certification of completion on successfully completing the course requirements

Course content

Understanding Advanced Analytics

Advanced R programming

Family of functions

Regular Expressions and Data Structure Manipulation

Data Cleaning

Data Imputation

Creating tidy data

Visualisation using Tableau

Data Preparation

Joining and Blending Data

Views and Filters

Creating Dashboards

Supervised learning

Classification techniques – SVM (Support Vector Machine), Naïve Bayes

Time Series Analysis – ARIMA Method

Unsupervised learning

Dimensionality Reduction – Principal Component Analysis, Linear Discriminant Analysis

Ensemble Modelling

Understand Bagging

Understand Boosting

Adaptive Boosting (ADA BOOST)

Gradient Tree Boosting


Understand, develop models on models

Duration: Four days

Training locations: Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai

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