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Communicating your ESG performance with insights, rigor, and trust. KPMG can help you understand what to report, what data to capture, and what controls are required.

  • Sustainability strategy and reporting: We can assist in the development of performance monitoring and evaluation frameworks, design and implement robust governance models and processes for collecting and reporting data
  • CFO Advisory: We work with CFOs and finance teams to develop and implement practical advice on complex accounting, financial and regulatory challenges. Whether it is providing tools, improved processes, outsourced capacity, or technical expertise, we work with clients to implement practical advice to a range of complex accounting, financial and regulatory challenges
  • ESG data quality: Access to high-quality, reliable environmental, social and governance (ESG) data enables businesses to achieve their ESG ambitions. Business leaders are now looking into ESG factors on a regular basis to inform their decisions —  from day-to-day operational choices to long-term strategic investment and planning. KPMG in India can help you gain visibility on the data set that covers all entities in which your organisation invests or does business in, in a timely manner, providing information on all element of ESG, as well as the means by which to compare performance on key issues across the portfolio
  • ESG reporting: Organisations face growing demands for clear and transparent disclosure of their long-term ESG commitments from stakeholders – government, regulators and customers and employees. ESG disclosures should be based on what is material to the stakeholders and can differ depending on where a business is in its ESG reporting journey. That means there is no one-size-fits-all approach to ESG reporting. KPMG in India specialises in delivering high-quality reporting over ESG and other non-financial information within this changing landscape.

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