Context and challenges faced

  • The company had an existing ERP; implemented planning on Hyperion Essbase and financial consolidation on Hyperion Financial Management. Significant manual effort, however, was spent on planning, consolidation and compilation of MIS reports
  • The company used to put in a significant amount of effort on data collation and aggregation during planning, financial consolidation and compilation of MIS reports
  • The company was not able to get granular analysis such as segment-wise, product-wise and variant-wise profitability
  • No sensitivity and ‘what-if’ analysis available in the deployed version of the Hyperion system
  • There was no version consistency and workflow for approval maintained in the Hyperion system.

Benefits achieved

  • Integrated planning and financial consolidation
  • Effective driver-based planning
  • Structured MIS reporting
  • Improved cycle time for financial consolidation and reporting
  • Business critical ‘what-if' analysis on SAP BPC (Microsoft Version) 10.0.


  • Assessment of the present issues and challenges specifically in the planning and compilation of MIS reports as per the required granularity
  • Assessment of the Oracle Financials ERP with the objective of alignment of the planning drivers in the planning solution
  • Refinements of the planning templates across planning areas
  • Implementation of planning on SAP BPC (Microsoft Version) 10.0 across various planning areas, such as capex planning, HR planning, sales planning, operating expenses planning, raw material planning and finance planning
  • Implementation of consolidation on SAP BPC (Microsoft Version) 10.0
  • Implementation of MIS reports and SMC reports on SAP BPC (Microsoft Version) 10.0
  • Integration of data from Oracle Financials with SAP BPC (Microsoft Version) 10.0.

KPMG in India’s insights

  • Planned financial reports (P&L, BS and cash flow) for the client
  • Planned financial reports (P&L) for SMC at segment level i.e automobiles, spare parts, two-wheelers
  • Marginal profitability at model\variant level
  • Product profitability at model\variant level
  • Region-wise profitability at model\variant level
  • Report to analyse and compare opex cost at cost-centre, region, department and vertical levels.