In the era of technological advancement, the Procure to Pay (P2P) function is charged with the responsibility of providing value by improving process efficiency and effectiveness, enabling systematic compliance, delivering business insights and better process governance. Our service offering is a positive step towards enabling clients in achieving these outcomes.

Our value proposition:

  • rocess invoices up to 10 times faster
  • Create modular suite with flexible P2P modules
  • Integrates with any ERP system
  • Reach up to 80 per cent touchless accounting
  • Take out up to 70% of Accounts Payable operational costs
  • System and language agnostic
  • Fully integrated workflow system
  • Benefit from controlled payment timing

Smart invoice accounting

  • Facilitates automated and touchless booking of invoices
  • Provides multiple options for receipt of invoices from various sources
  • Performs non-template based raw OCR search with artificial intelligence
  • Performs auto-flipping, stamping, splitting and sorting reducing manual effort
  • Digitises and archives every invoice
  • Verifies and validates for compliance
  • Uses custom rules and validation engine
  • Performs continuous optimisation via machine learning
  • Facilitates up to 90 per cent accurate predicted accounting
  • Provides real-time dashboard and spends reports
  • Performs automated ERP export in multiple formats
  • Captures audit trail of all steps.

Flexible modules

KPMG GST Compliance Pilot

  • Operating system agnostic
  • Single window upload
  • GST compliance, with timely patches
  • Tax position evaluation.

P2P data analytics suite

  • P2P insights with reports and dashboards
  • In-depth spend analysis
  • Identify cost avoidance opportunities.

KPMG Tax Intelligence Solution

  • Standardised tool to extract, enrich and analyse tax data
  • Detection of potential risks and opportunities
  • Over 50 smart VAT analytics.