Chatbots are computer programmes which mimic conversation with people using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). They can interact with people on the internet by initiating a conversation. They act as digital assistants that address queries regarding specific products or services

Chatbots don’t need to be downloaded, and therefore don’t need storage space on user devices. They can be instantly used, are easy to build, and, most importantly, are engaging. Some of the typical use cases are answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) of users accessing websites, generate customer leads, provide information on concierge services, provide support services (HR, IT, Finance etc.) and also provide legal advice to the user. Since chatbots can work 24x7, they provide services without any disruption, and can be accessed anytime anywhere.

KPMG in India approach

KPMG in India follows a six-step approach:

  • Opportunity assessment: Understand the business requirement, nature of queries, volumes and channels for deployment. Build a business case based on the requirements and outcomes
  • Platform selection: Finalise key components such as channel, Machine Learning (ML)/Natural Language Processing (NLP)/Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Software Development Kit (SDK), and select the right platform for development. Deploy on the webpage, instant messaging apps, mail or social media network
  • Design: Create functional and technical design documents and architecture based on platform selection and deployment options
  • Development: Set up an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and testing environment for chatbots and develop intelligence algorithms and automation scripts
  • Testing: Conduct the following tests: unit testing, integration testing, load testing, system testing and user acceptance testing
  • Deployment: Deploy the chatbot on the channels selected, and make further improvements based on user queries and feedback.

Potential benefits

  • Anytime and anywhere access on any device
  • Appropriate and instant feedback by collecting user information
  • Reduction in ticket volume and faster query resolution
  • Enhanced customer and employee experience
  • Improvement in accuracy and reliability with advanced technologies.