One of the key challenges faced by organisations post go-live is the adoption of products due to its quality as perceived by the end consumer. The go-to-markets portfolio offered by KPMG in India’s digital quality assurance software testing services is targeted to help clientele build confidence with their end product and help in the increased adoption of it.

KPMG in India with its industry recognised digital quality assurance processes and time-tested testing methodology has been a trusted partner consultant with multiple clients. The following services are offered as part of go-to-market service portfolio.

Go to Market

Product quality assessment

Product quality assurance includes evaluating objectively the processes performed with applicable process descriptions, standards, and procedures. Non-compliance issues are identified and documented. Project staff and managers are provided feedback on the results of quality assurance activities and address issues of non-compliance.

KPMG in India’s expertise in test process assessments and various review methodologies helps in delivery of high-quality products & adherence to organisational quality policy.

Business assurance

Just as the emphasis to establish plans, processes, and standards in the early phases of a project, quality assurance early on could ensure to add value to the project and satisfy customer requirements. Teams in agile environments focus on the iteration needs, missing on longer term & broader organsiational needs at times.

KPMG in India, however, sets emphasis on balancing agility and an organisation's long term goals. Supported with the KPMG testing framework, this entails coupling business and testing teams covering the entire software testing life cycle (STLC). We have observed an increase in the quality of test coverage and early defect detection, thus reducing the business cost of fixing defects in production.

Product performance assurance

Certainly, a part of product assurance, product performance ensures to test if the software accomplishes and meets its performance expectations under critical conditions. Speed, size, scalability, and stability are key factors that also determine success of a software application. It is undeniably critical to have a well-performing software that lets the end user carry out given tasks without excessive perceived delay or annoyance.

KPMG in India’s proficient non-functional test team comprises of members who are adept in performance testing to help ensure improved customer satisfaction. In a fast-paced digital world, nothing breaks down faster than performance of an application, and as your digital specialists we understand our customers’ needs.

Managed testing services

KPMG in India’s managed services cover wide range of solutions bringing the right blend of human and technological prowess to core business operations. We offer a fully customisable services where the responsibility of software testing is taken at an enterprise level. This is particularly beneficial to organisations seeking high quality with effective cost and time.

KPMG in India’s managed services will strive to deliver reduced total cost of testing, quantifiable quality improvements such as enhancing STLC phases based on business needs and focus on early automation and smooth skills transfer. A core team with deep technological expertise and sector-specific proficiency also add to its success.

User acceptance testing

The ultimate validation of any product is the user acceptance test. This phase of software testing is critical since all that has been developed and tested comes to the forefront with the end user and its future course of action. Use of systems and processes will add to its ease of execution.

KPMG in India’s skills set in UAT planning, management, execution, and reporting is well acknowledged. Ensuring a successful project with the right tools and support team is always appreciated. We have identified that engaging the customer in testing the product throughout the UAT process and using the experience to deliver a robust product is very fulfilling indeed.