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Businesses face various kinds of challenges and often may face multiple challenges at a time. This has a direct bearing on the benefits realised out of digital transformation. While the advisory services lay a roadmap, eventual execution of the same is what determines success in today’s dynamic scenario.

One thing that has always stood out to all of us is the various hurdles businesses face in the process of developing their products, services and applications. Consequently, often businesses resort to employing various support services to power through these hurdles. With this in mind, we now offer Digital Solution Development (DSD), which provides integrated end-to-end digital service. This proprietary solution is designed to not just factor in all the facets of the design-development-deployment workflow, but also gives us the ability to tailor the services according to the customer's need without compromising on quality. Moreover, our approach of compartmentalising and enhancing each element of the process provides desired results.

How can we help

  • State-of-the-art application development using platforms like Java, low-code, middleware, SQL and others
  • Leveraging Design Thinking for enhanced UI/UX and workflow optimisation
  • Well architected industry frameworks like DevOps, Agile using some of the leading-edge cloud platforms and integration methodologies
  • Quality delivery through end-to-end testing and automation.

Our services


Our technical consultant teams put emphasis on understanding the business requirements. Based on this knowledge, they would suggest some of the best technology stack/architecture suited for your business model that add value to your business.

Having years of experience in custom software development, we help design, future state workflow solutions with a higher degree of digitisation and automation to help address rapidly changing market demands and future technology trends.

From starting stage of the project, we focus on implementing the right procedure, and standards developed for the software are intended to meet the customer requirements and testing is carried out at each stage to make error free software.

Building technology roadmap for software development with embedded software testing standards and processes to reduce errors in software. We focus majorly on business and testing process KPIs and metrics.

With the aid of our innovative and creative designers, we present you with a great interface design, responsive and user-friendly applications. We build our solutions through research around customer expectations around experience and ease of use.

We offer redesign and refactoring services to migrate your existing software to the new platform or upgrade the current software system to keep pace with the rapidly changing market.

KPMG in India’s key differentiators

Service offerings

  • Holistic support on journey from development, deployment and adoption
  • Proprietary service offering to match varying needs and maturity of organisations
  • Provide advisory and consulting to improve/transform existing service offering and/or innovate new service offering.


  • Strong collective experience of subject matter experts (SMEs) across product, service, process and experience design
  • Experienced and energetic team of highly skilled professionals from various streams.


  • Established and proven implementation methodology with governance, processes and tools to manage complex transformation programmes across geographies.

Client coverage

  • Delivered interventions for top multinational clientele across automotive, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), technology, consumer products, technology / IT, education sector, service industry and startups.