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KPMG’s agile advisory services are designed to provide a wide range of agile advisory and delivery services to our clients that would help them increase agility in their organizations by following agile principles, help ensure end-user satisfaction, and to enhance and speed-up the ROIs on using processes within the organisation.

KPMG could provide agile-based advisory services in various domains including BFSI, healthcare, telecom, avionics, automobiles and oil and gas. We also serve clients in transformation and implementing agile processes like SCRUM, kanban and XP, as well as aligning agile with CMMi process areas.

Agile advisory service offerings

  • Best-fit process assessment and definition

Identify and evaluate business objectives and process gaps and suggest best-fit agile methodology, weighed across relevant parameters, in order to incorporate agile principles suited to gain business value

  • CMMI to agile alignment

Support implementation of an agile approach in order to satisfy the CMMi model, and help our clients map the agile practices to CMMi process areas. Apprise the clients of the benefits of using an agile approach to implement the CMMi model

  • Agile programme management

Provide the full range of agile program management support to organizations in agile engagements, including templates and process guidelines, defining team composition and process improvement techniques throughout the process definition

  • SCRUM implementation

Provide SCRUM process support to clients, overlooking the entire implementation process for an agreed upon number of sprints, along with our advisory services

  • XP implementation

Provide extensive XP process support to clients, helping them with release plans, developing metaphors, risk management, etc. ensuring adherence to XP practices. Help tailor XP to clients’ environment to come up with the best-fit XP process for them

  • Kanban implementation

Provide the full range of kanban process support to clients, helping them managing the creation of products with an emphasis on continual delivery while not overburdening the development team

  • Agile process reviews and adherence checks

Provide independent audit services for agile methodologies and perform regular adherence checks and implementation reviews to validate the process followed. Create review reports out of these checks and provide improvement guidelines when required

Agile Methodology

Potential benefits of agile consulting services

We help:

  • Create an agile transformation roadmap
  • Setup the project in agile scrum/XP/kanban
  • Facilitate the different agile framework processes within the project
  • Expand agile awareness and practices outside of software development teams
  • Use different models for measuring project progress in agile environment
  • Study how different organisations are measuring effectiveness of agile implementation
  • Facilitate metrics for measuring effectiveness of agile implementation
  • Track your time with project trackers in different tools
  • Learn create meeting notes, project plans, product requirements in respective tools
  • Bring in best practices from our past experience to enhance the efficiency and quality of the project.
  • Creating the projects with Clarity, Control, Faster Development with increased satisfaction and successful outcomes

Our key differentiators

  • KPMG in India delves into the principles of lean and agile, synchronization of business with technology teams in a distributed set up, bringing agility to teams encompassing the people and culture dimension and different ways to go about it
  • We have developed our agile transformation model focused on both quantitative (covering metrics and KPI discovery) and qualitative aspects (covering the change management) from existing ways of working and support client from ideation to implementation
  • We have a strong team of certified and seasoned professionals across skills and capabilities for agile management#We have managed projects for governments, large scale corporations and geographically widespread enterprises
  • KPMG’s agile consulting team would also bring its thought leadership to the table to give a wider view of agile engineering
  • We undertake benchmarking of performance and service request resolution times to industry standards

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