With growing complexities in the corporate sphere, compliance is taking centre stage. Establishments pursuing opportunities of possible merger & acquisition, joint venture, equity investment or debt financing, seek full disclosure to reach a level of comfort for the proposed deal. Associating with businesses and their key decision makers, can pose an array of risks, ranging from fraud, enquiry by enforcement agencies, litigation, reputational loss, financial distress or forfeiture of business.

Moreover, as regulators are focusing on enhanced due diligence/background checks on customers and third parties, has become imperative for organisations to demonstrate a comprehensive and risk-based Know Your Customer (KYC) process to avoid any legal/regulatory implications.

Our Integrity Due Diligence practice helps in conducting background checks and gathering information on specific targets (individuals/entities) in order to highlight red-flags that can be potentially damaging to an organisation. Through background checks we are able to provide wide range of information – shareholding/ownership structure of an organisation, key personnel, litigations, market reputation, regulatory non-compliance, adverse media, wilful defaults, etc.

Integrity Due Diligence can be undertaken under multiple situations:

  • Investing in a business
  • Acquiring a customer
  • Recruiting new dealers, suppliers, franchisees or distributors
  • Licensing product or services to another company
  • Establishing a strategic alliance or joint venture partnership
  • Acquiring or merging with another business
  • Appointing senior management personnel

We are leaders in providing Integrity Due Diligence and background research services to clients. We have conducted over 1500 enhanced due diligence checks for clients in India and over 2500 online due diligence/background checks for clients across industries in 125 countries. We have a dedicated team across locations which is capable of conducting both level 1 checks (gathering information through publicly available data) as well as level 2 checks (gathering information discreetly through market intelligence).

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