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The finance landscape is rapidly changing globally, and the expectations of Finance are drastically changing as well in order to stay relevant. To meet this challenge, KPMG has developed an approach to deal effectively with disruption and enable clients meet their vision of the future.

Finance Strategy

The offering helps clients and CFOs a clear view of finance operating model a detailed roadmap of improvement efforts, required resources and measurement of implementation by developing strategies create implement and improve finance functions across the organization.

Our offerings help organizations and CFOs get a holistic view of finance functions and finance operating model, a detailed road map of where we are, what we want to achieve and improvement efforts to achieve the goals. We also help organizations find the required resources and measurement of implementation by developing strategies create implement and improve finance functions across the organization.


Finance Function Benchmarking

KPMG has a robust finance performance assessment methodology and individuals with deep industry knowledge that can enable fast insight, consistent analysis, and benchmarking of global finance functions against a peer or industry leader group to clearly define a road map for finance excellence.


The Benchmarking tool is based on our proprietary benchmark database of over 700 companies in a variety of industries and over 20,000 metrics and survey results to enable an objective comparison with external finance organizations. These helps provide client with holistic view of their performance by using qualitative and quantitative benchmark.


Finance Target Operating Model

A target operating model (TOM) defines an organization's continuing design decisions, including structure, functions, and relationships to execute its business strategy. A well-defined finance TOM should identify the segments where the function needs to acquire or develop new capabilities, knowledge, and resources to lead. By doing so, the finance TOM maps the way forward for the teams to achieve desired state as an intelligent function.

A fundamental change and realignment of the finance TOM towards value creation necessitates consideration of various design principles across levers.

The optimal TOM needs to address inefficient processes, excessive costs, inadequate customer services and lost opportunities to better align efforts with business strategy and needs. Based on our research and practical experience, a finance TOM transformation requires a tried and tested approach. Accordingly, our framework enables finance leaders to plan where they want to be in the next five years versus their current state.

Our customized approach for TOM transformation assists clients in developing and implementing finance TOM that drives efficient finance operations aligned with critical aspects of businesses. It is also supported by global in-house methodologies database and KPMG Powered Enterprise® & based pre-defined and pre-configured solution and design.