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Disruption is occurring at an unprecedented speed. Recent events including COVID-19 have only emphasized the need for a more dynamic, robust and technology driven finance function.

It is no longer enough for finance to provide the business with historic results. Organizations are now looking at finance to play a partner role in creating value, with a focus on the business’ strategic performance, enterprise performance, vision, strategic decision support and efficient operations.

KPMG in India’s suite of finance transformation offerings are time-tested across various industries and have consistently demonstrated strategic value not just to the finance function but also to the entire organization.

Finance Transformation aims to support and manage the growing agenda, stakeholder expectations, evolving role and increased responsibilities of the Chief Finance Officer (‘CFO’), Finance Director and respective Finance stakeholder. We work with passion and purpose to enable sustainable growth and future ready finance supported by integrated innovative approaches, digital advancements, tools, methodologies, and deep knowledge to deliver real results. We help the finance function become a catalyst for growth and create value within an organization.

What should you be thinking about?

Does our data strategy enable the needs of the business, our customers, and our teams?

What critical skills and competencies are needed to elevate finance’s role?

What operating model changes are needed to quickly adapt to changing requirements?

How can we increase focus on value creation for the enterprise?

How are we utilizing digital solutions to enable profitable growth?

What key business questions do we struggle to answer quickly?