Our commitments

Our commitments

1. Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (IDE)

  • Have an inclusive culture built on trust
  • Foster an educated, empathetic workforce
  • Advocate for equal opportunity

2. Continuous learning

  • Develop a continuous learning culture

3. Health and well-being

  • Protect the health of our people, both physically and mentally
  • Enable them to be effective and productive

A Purpose-driven, Values-based, people-centric culture

Our Purpose is why we exist; our Values guide how we act and our Culture is who we are.

Ours is a young and dynamic organisation that delivers value-driven services to clients and stakeholders through our exceptional people. Our focus is on creating a work environment in which they can thrive, one that promotes inclusion, diversity, learning and well-being.

To hold ourselves accountable for change, we’re now defining measurable goals that will sit at the heart of this plan. This will ensure that each of us becomes more aware of our expected behaviours, channels for speaking up and the opportunities we have to take positive action.

With a focus on career development, flexible work arrangements and the overall wellbeing of our people, our robust Employee Value Proposition helps us attract top talent and embracing diverse perspectives enables us to provide fulfilling career opportunities.

Our culture is who we are. It is what enables us to make every day awesome at KPMG

The culture of an organisation is the true indicator of its character and our past Global People Survey scores are a testament to the fact that ours is awesome!

The KPMG Employee Value Proposition is at the heart of this culture, and we are truly proud of it.

At KPMG in India, we are caring, collaborative and inclusive. Together, we foster a diverse environment where everyone can thrive, embracing their true selves without prejudice. Our people’s aspirations and initiatives make us better. And it is important to us that our people have an environment that empowers them to grow.

Here are some affirmative actions that we have taken on our culture journey:

  • Initiated a Culture Study to help the firm and businesses identify their culture priorities and drive them through the Business Unit Culture Council
  • Launched the Leaders’ Playbook, which helps in shaping the cultural foundation, enabling leaders to navigate through various cultural nuances with colleagues, clients and communities
  • Institutionalised the Interviewers’ Playbook to be leveraged by businesses and talent acquisition teams to infuse our culture in conversations with candidates

KPMG in India, with over 40,000 people, scored 73+, on the Barrett Culture score, which is one of the best globally.

Malvika Singh
Corporate Functions

I had a long sabbatical of about nine years, during which I completed my PhD and ran an NGO school for about 500 children. However, none of this had anything to do with the corporate world.

Then I decided to interview for a role with KPMG in India. I was full of trepidation, but to my surprise, not once was I asked the reason for my break. Not once was I told that the world had moved on and what I knew was obsolete; not once was I asked to justify the choices that I had made. What I was met with was a lot of warmth and tons of encouragement. I’ve not only returned to work but have also been promoted to Associate Director in just a short span of time.

As part of the Talent Acquisition team, I interview people regularly. When doing that, I never forget to extend to them the same generosity and warmth that I received when I interviewed with KPMG. I am proud to be part of an organisation that is truly inclusive and I am grateful to have the opportunity to spread its culture through my job every day.


Creating a culture of belonging and trust

As part of our overall people experience, our intent is to move beyond conventional offerings to enable programmes that are meaningful, holistic and curated specifically for different sections of our diverse population.

Engagement and growth
  • Built a holistic employer brand on internal and external platforms for all our people Initiatives
  • Organised various in-person interventions across the firm, to foster personal growth and stimulate engagement
Rewards and recognition
  • Launched ‘Thanks,’ the digital Rewards and Recognition programme, to enhance our colleagues’ experience
  • Encouraged peer-to-peer recognition through non-monetary appreciation
  • Established OpEx (Operational Excellence) awards, an annual event aimed at recognising the best projects in the areas of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and automation, across functions
Listening strategy
  • Leveraged technology platforms to gather and analyze the feedback received from our people
  • Integrated Leena AI for continuous listening, and plan on initiating a pilot study to understand its capability of lead listening mechanism
  • Launched QR code-based feedback collection for all in-person initiatives
Nandish Shah

Nandish Shah
Integrated Centre of Excellence (ICOE)

Celebrate Differences

Through my everyday dealings, I have learnt that if you are going through a tough time, express it and ask your loved ones for help.

Increasing our understanding of work environments and employers’ expectations, balancing personal with the professional and exploring possible career options – all these lead to self-reflection, maturity, independence and self-confidence.

From the hiring process, to creating and encouraging a safe work environment, we can help educate ourselves on what we don’t know. Don‘t just accept differences, celebrate them. Speak to people about wider issues, make it known that you stand for equality and want a culture that supports it.

Embracing the power of inclusion, celebrating diversity and championing equity

We remain committed to attracting, advancing and retaining diverse talent by driving actionable outcomes through our Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (IDE) agenda.

To achieve our future ambitions, we must unlock the true potential of our people by hiring and developing the right talent, providing them access to meaningful opportunities and fostering an enabling environment.

How we define IDE:

Inclusion: We are committed to providing a secure work environment for our people, where we are free to exhibit our unique personalities.

Diversity: We aim to embrace and welcome diverse cultures, identities and perspectives.

Equity: We help level the playing field and ensure everyone can thrive at KPMG, with access to equal opportunities.

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Gender diversity

In a marketplace defined by complexity, disruption and change, the most successful organisations are those that bring diverse perspectives and experiences to their functioning. At KPMG in India, our rising gender maturity can be seen throughout our people life cycle – from hiring, onboarding to preparing our people to succeed here, to creating consistency of experience for all and positioning the firm as the clear ‘employer of choice.’

We continue to approach our efforts on diversity with intentionality and inclusivity, and have set ourselves a target to have women in 29.1% of the leadership roles by 2025.

Aligned with this vision, we plan to accelerate hiring across levels, with a specific focus on women professional during our hiring drives and promotion cycles.

Further, to ensure a sustainable pipeline of exceptional women leaders, we have introduced programmes that provide opportunities for growth and advancement, while also intentionally seeking out and encouraging these high-performing women colleagues to participate in these initiatives.

  • Our ‘Returning Women Programme’ promotes a work environment where women can flourish and initiatives that support, retain and reward their journeys. The programme aims to support women with meaningful career comebacks by providing opportunities in line with their skills and learning, supported by a robust ecosystem of mentors and enablers.
  • Our KPMG Network of Women (KNOW), as the largest employee resource group in the KPMG network, helps to connect, share and learn from others’ experiences and best practices. The platform focuses on career development and building a pipeline of future women leaders via work-life balance and well-being.
  • We offer developmental and career-acceleration opportunities to our high-potential mid-level to senior women colleagues, to help them seamlessly manage their career trajectory, build external eminence and prepare for leadership roles.


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Khushboo Kundalia

Putting your best foot forward

“Amidst celebrations after clearing my Chartered Accountancy (CA) exams, my father requested that I appear for a few tax appeal hearings the next day. A little nervous for my first appearance alone, I burnt the midnight oil and prepared for my first day as a CA. The hearings went smoothly, the officer appreciated my efforts and the clients gave good feedback. These initial days taught me to take on challenges and that sincere efforts never go in vain.

The myth, ‘too young to litigate,’ also broke for me. I never looked back and continued to hone my skills on legal strategies, interpretations and understanding businesses. Eventually, I got into indirect tax litigation. Soon, I joined a law firm and earned a degree in Law. My next big break was an unexpected offer from KPMG. Fast-forward 15 years, this firm is a second home to me. Life lessons continue with ample learnings, growth opportunities, amazing mentors, supportive colleagues and friends, and cheerful teams.

As society becomes more aware of the importance of diversity, inclusion, equality and equity, the world today is full of opportunities for women leaders. The future looks bright for those who are willing to take on new challenges and blaze new trails. It is heartening to see that as a firm, we have not only acknowledged the concept of equity, but are also putting our best foot forward in transitioning towards true equality. It requires continuous efforts on bringing in gender equity along with addressing underlying systemic issues that perpetuate gender inequality.”

For us to progress into an era of true sustainability, all genders need to be involved in conversations around equality and equity – and the first step is to look in the mirror.


Select women Partners with Mithali Raj, former captain of the Indian women‘s national cricket team, at the All India Partners’ Meet 2022.

Supporting the other job: Parenting

Cognizant of the challenges of parenting, we enhanced our childcare support programme in FY22 to give our colleagues the flexibility of choosing their preferred day-care centre from amongst those offered by our childcare partner in the city that best suits their work and personal needs. We reimburse half this cost.

A hybrid childcare programme is also in the works, to provide a more flexible work environment. In addition, we plan to launch a ‘Baby on Board’ programme, with a robust parental leave policy.

Institutionalizing our focus on LGBTQ+ and persons with disabilities (PWD)

We are committed to embracing diversity and aim to strengthen our focus on LGBTQ+, persons with disabilities and multi-generation colleagues. To enable this, we are working on a self-identification campaign with the purpose of encouraging colleagues from LGBTQ+ and PWD communities to identify themselves voluntarily and anonymously.

Our LGBTQ+ initiatives:

  • An employee resource group (ERG) to support colleagues who identify as LGBTQ+, along with those who have joined in the effort as allies
  • Training to encourage LGBTQ+ inclusion and remove unconscious biases
  • Medical insurance for our LGBTQ+ colleagues, covering their parents and same-sex partners
  • Gender affirmation surgery included in insurance benefits
  • Pride walks, celebrating Pride month and deep-dive workshops
  • Gender-neutral washrooms at all offices


Hareesh Reddypalli

Hareesh Reddypalli
Human Resources

Come as you are!

“I have been working with KPMG in India for over five years now. The firm has created an environment where I don’t have to ‘wear a mask’ and has helped me be ‘out’ at the workplace. We spend a large part of our lives at work, and it‘s essential that we feel safe, valued and respected in that environment. Being an equal-opportunity employer, KPMG has many policies that promote diversity and inclusion.

For example, it is the first organization in my professional journey that offered medical insurance coverage for my partner. I am proud to be part of a firm that takes these matters seriously and works actively to create a safe and supportive environment.”

Support to Persons with Disability

To build a culture of empathy and trust, we encourage disability inclusion in talent acquisition. We:

  • Rolled out mandatory e-learning on disability inclusion
  • Launched an ERG for our PWD colleagues and the ally group
  • Raise awareness by observing International Day for Persons with Disabilities every year
  • Conduct periodic infrastructural audits to create a more accessible workplace

Leveraging the strengths of a multi-generation workforce

KPMG in India focuses on a robust employment model by leveraging different generations’ strengths.

  • Mentoring programmes, employment models and millennial councils driven by our leadership teams
  • Reverse mentoring programme with experienced leaders and young colleagues discovering new potential together
  • Curated a ‘know your veterans’ series as part of the veteran’s engagement, (retired armed forces personnel) to introduce ‘veterans at the firm’ as a feature

Tanavvi Viij

“I was diagnosed with a progressive genetic disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy at a very young age and was given only 12 years to live. I am happy to share that, today, I am 24 and thriving.

I joined the Cloud CoE team at KPMG in India in August 2022. From the first interview to my placement, my experience with the firm was smooth and stress-free. While I was initially hesitant to ask for support due to years of conditioning, my first visit to the office changed everything. I felt an incredible sense of understanding and empathy from my manager and my team, which continues every day. The best part is that I am assigned work in line with my capabilities, and not sidelined for my disability.

I know I have the grit and the determination to succeed, and with an inclusive environment like the one here at KPMG in India, where you are encouraged to come as you are, I know I will.”

Pratiksha Thakre

Pratiksha Thakre
Digital Nexus

“I served my country with pride as a Wing Commander in the Indian Air Force (IAF) for over a decade-and-a-half. At the time of my retirement, I was both apprehensive and excited about the life that awaited me in the world outside. However, when I interviewed with KPMG in India, the firm’s values and ethics made it the clear choice for me and I joined in September 2022 as an Associate Director with the EWT InfoSec team.

The organisational policies not just met my expectations, but exceeded them. Inclusion, Diversity and Equity are deeply embedded in the core of our culture. It feels like I left one family (IAF) and joined another (KPMG in India).”

Learning, a lifelong journey

Learning and Development (L&D) is an integral component of the People Experience at KPMG in India. We recognise the highly dynamic environment that we operate in, and therefore, it is imperative that we offer an ongoing individual and professional learning and development ecosystem to our colleagues.

Since the demands on our people are evolving at breath-taking speed, we continue to support their growth by offering comprehensive learning opportunities via technology, third-party resources and academia.

We nurture an environment of continuous learning, value unique experiences and skills, and encourage our people to make their mark.

Upskilling for ‘the new’

Our people’s development journey is supported by our Continuous Learning Policy (CLP) and digitally enabled platforms. Degreed is one such platform that enables them to learn technical, functional and professional skills at their own pace.

Given the irreversible move to a digital world, we also continue to invest in reskilling people in emerging technologies.

In FY22, we augmented ~6,000 certifications in niche technologies across the organisation and have deployed the Culture Wizard to assist our people with cultural nuances when working with people from different regions.

We are also preparing to introduce a new platform, Kaltura, to make virtual sessions more engaging.

Contemporary hiring and onboarding

The Hybrid Induction model launched in FY22 covered 10,000+ professionals and included an in-person connect on the first day, followed by a virtual induction.

We also launched ‘Coach the Consultant,’ a 90-day onboarding journey for the Advisory campus hires.

ESG is the new ABC

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) compliance is indispensable and inevitable for us. We deployed a learning charter, ESG 101, that saw over 95% completion rate in the reporting year. It is a foundation-level programme that provides a comprehensive understanding of ESG and KPMG’s initiatives in that direction.

Leadership development

Developing leadership talent is crucial for success in a world of constant change. Our Leadership Development programme provides learning, mentoring and coaching through collaborations with educational institutions and industry luminaries.

Our vision

  • To provide best-in-class learning for our senior leaders
  • To build a structured learning path for leaders and provide learning experiences that truly add value
  • To design learning interventions that develop business-critical competencies, thus connecting learning goals with personal and professional growth

The curriculum is grounded in the ‘3M Learning’ framework

Milestone programmes
Once our partners reach a certain milestone in their career, these learning journeys help them develop holistic leadership competencies.

Mindset programmes
These programmes are shorter in duration and topical in nature. They build capabilities and mindsets essential for competency development.

My Learning programmes
These are online, self-paced programmes based on individual learning needs. Learners are empowered to pick the courses they deem fit for their development.

The Digital Now 2.0+ programme, designed as part of the partner learning journey, was an enriching one, in which we got an opportunity to discuss trending and interesting concepts. The programme laid emphasis on the future of business, with a focus on digital impact via several modules on connected ecosystems, digital products and services, and trends that will impact the Big 4 firms. The discussions were thought provoking and resulted in insightful responses. This was a fulfilling learning experience.

Nishit Kapadia

Nurturing future leaders

The prevailing global environment of turbulence and uncertainty makes learning and development more crucial than ever for continued success. To ensure we provide our future leaders the right tools to succeed, we have put in place custombuilt programmes and assessment centres. 

The ‘New Leader Transition Journeys’ for our new Manager and Director groups focus on agility, high performance, team leadership and soft skills. 

In addition, we re-launched the Leadership Experience and Development Centres for the Associate Director and Director group. 

The Coaching Centre of Excellence, an in-house pool of 50 certified coaches from within our business and HR functions, is another tool that is leveraged to provide coaching support.

According to the leadership pulse survey, 99% of the participants felt that their knowledge or skills have improved through the leadership development journey, and they would recommend it to their colleagues.

Kunal Mukherjee
Government & Public Services Advisory

"Learning opportunities such as the Executive General Management Programme have been invaluable and benefited me greatly.

I have started to look at problems from a different perspective by developing a solution-driven mindset.”


Well-being at the Core

Our people’s health and well-being are foremost priorities for us, and we have practices, policies and facilities to ensure that they get the attention they deserve. 

We believe when we’re at our best, our best work happens, and that’s why we create opportunities that can help each of us achieve physical and mental health on our own terms. 

We also encourage our people to connect with each other beyond work through common interests, hobbies and talents.

  • Women safety: Our security personnel escort our female colleagues on their commute to and from work, should they need to come in early or leave late, providing a safe environment for their commute, and a free mind to contribute beyond hours, when required. 
  • Leave policy: Our robust and flexible leave programme offers our people the opportunity to address work and home responsibilities in a balanced manner. 
  • Voicing platforms: Our colleagues can voice their concerns through our local hotline, international hotline, POSH mailbox and other means. 
  • Medical insurance: Our comprehensive medical insurance covers immediate and extended family, and has features such as advanced medical support, coverage for both sets of parents’ (for our married colleagues) co-payment, and coverage for samesex partner and gender affirmation surgery. 
  • Agile working environment: Flexible working hours and work-from-home policies help our colleagues maintain work-life harmony and well-being.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): One of India’s leading EAP providers offers 24/7, confidential, one-to-one help through qualified and experienced psychologists, to KPMG colleagues who need it. We also conduct the EAP Champions training every quarter to enable performance managers to identify colleagues who need counselling.

Our people are our most valuable asset and providing them a culture where they can come as they are and thrive is a priority. We recognize, reward and celebrate them and their outstanding work, ensuring they feel seen, supported and appreciated.

81 GPS score for health and well-being in FY22, up 6 points from FY21

Aashruti Kak

Aashruti Kak

“Having strong boundaries, both at KPMG and in life situations, is helping me in my journey towards physical and mental well-being. I have found that taking breaks, expressing your feelings, introspecting, being with people or withdrawing from them – these lead you to inner peace, when exercised at the right time, in the right way.

I encourage my colleagues to do the same. In case of unavoidable stress, I also feel that humour is the best disrupter and motivator to let go and move on to more important things”

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