ENRich 2022 is being held in circumstances the world has rarely witnessed. Energy and resources sector is squarely at the centre of the challenges of the world today. The sector was already in the throes of transformation. Emphasis on ESG and decarbonisation has been sweeping across all industries, especially ENRC. There is heightened sensitivity in boards and shareholders, and unprecedented activism. Convergence between energy, mobility, water and waste management was redefining the operating landscape. COVID-19 effects and the conflict in Ukraine added extreme dimensions to this transforming world. Demand has become extremely volatile and unpredictable, resulting in high energy prices even before the turmoil in Europe. The Ukraine crisis has added massive fuel to this already raging fire with sky high commodity prices and prospects of rationing in what could be a particularly difficult winter for the northern hemisphere. Cost of living challenges have caused consumer ire and public scrutiny. Energy security, environment protection, prices and technology can no longer be viewed through different lenses. These factors (and more) are converging.

ENRich 2022, the 13th edition of our premier energy and natural resources annual conclave, will focus on “Dealing with the Energy and Resources Trilemma: Security, Affordability and Sustainability”, and will discuss and deliberate the implications of the trilemma on energy suppliers, users, policymakers, regulators and service providers. It is without question a very tough situation we are in, yet it is also this sector that will principally provide the pathways out of the geopolitical, climate and human development challenges.

Day 1 will be physically held in New Delhi, with panellists from India and around the world deliberating on the core themes and drawing inferences on the path forward for the world and for India. The event will also be streamed live through the curated ENRich platform and on social media. Day 2 will be held virtually on the curated digital platform, and will feature sessions focused on issues of regional importance covering ASPAC, Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

Apart from the live panels, ENRich 2022 will feature ministerial keynotes, fireside chats, interactive sessions from stakeholders across the sector christened, “Energising stories”, Sustainable Innovation Lounge with digital showcases by KPMG, alliance partners and start-ups. We are also running a start-up search and contest around the theme where the best start-ups will be awarded, and will feature at the lounge. The intent is to provide an immersive and insightful experience for the attendees.


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