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From horizon-scanning to solution building, KPMG Innovation Kaleidoscope is a way of working that brings you and your teams together with the best of KPMG in India and its ecosystem. We aim to provide immersive and collaborative experiences that span across the thinking, conversations and tangible work that go into delivering real, sustainable change.

Open innovation platform (OIP)

KPMG in India’s open innovation platform supports the most promising early-stage start-ups from across the country in a bid to nurture the most cutting-edge solutions. The platform helps fast-track the go-to-market plans of these new-age companies by leveraging the firm’s functional expertise and mentorship from business leaders across our service lines.

Our clients can benefit from the vast array of agile solutions KPMG in India has access to through this platform. The potential benefits include technology-driven solutions that our start-up affiliations provide, an early mover advantage on the dynamically shifting business landscape and opportunities to future-proof offerings.

The platform also provides the opportunity to collaborate and co-create with India’s next generation of entrepreneurs and build resilient platforms for sustained growth momentum in disruptive times. The combined advantage of out-of-the-box thinking that typifies start-ups along with the tried-and-tested methods of the KPMG brand is what’s on offer for businesses across sectors and functions.

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KPMG in India’s Advisory-wide hackathon is a first-of-its-kind initiative within the firm to invite ideas from across service lines, representing major industry verticals, making it a unique idea during a competition’s run.

These ideas are then put through thorough scrutiny and are shortlisted by KPMG in India’s innovation council basis multiple criteria such as feasibility, desirability, novelty, differentiability and, most importantly, scalability.

The finalists are subsequently invited to present their business plans to a select panel. The members presenting the plan are mentored by the council. This competition helps the firm maintain a pipeline of high-potential ideas at any given time. KPMG in India’s hackathon platform is used by multiple clients for charting their own innovation journey.

India decarbonisation hub

Rapid decarbonisation is one the principal levers for mitigating climate change. In itself, decarbonisation is a large theatre with numerous fields of play covering corporate strategy, product and solution innovations, technology, supply chains, etc. Decarbonisation at scale must address issues related to fuel and feedstock, often rapidly altering large and well-established mechanisms. Decarbonisation – and more broadly ESG – is set to transform organisations.

In order to bring together all these diverse needs and asks of the industry, government, society and other stakeholders, KPMG is setting up global decarbonisation hubs across seven regions/countries across the world, including the India decarbonisation hub.

The India decarbonisation hub will bring together the most advanced skills, capabilities, and knowledge from across functions within the firm. It will accelerate transition by enabling delivery of innovative and leading services and solutions. Through the hub’s initiatives, we will invest in transformative methodologies and technologies. Digital technologies will be at the heart of the hub delivery engine.

The hub will provide businesses and wider institutions with tangible business and social outcomes, smart visualisation for control, accountability and credibility of actions, transformation and change management through ease of adoption. 

Start-up programme for energy, environment, and decarbonisation

As part of the larger open innovation platform at KPMG in India, the programme will identify and onboard select start-ups focussing on this space. We will assist them to create joint offerings and strengthen their value proposition for clients and markets in India and globally. A strong focus will also be on providing mentorship to these organisations in order to accelerate their future growth and enable them to be future-ready to drive change. The end objective is to create a symbiotic ecosystem and framework for KPMG in India and start-ups to work together – adding value to India’s growth story.

To identify the future-ready start-up portfolio, we will utilise a robust evaluation framework that will funnel start-ups. This process will be complemented by extensive background screening and due diligence of the selected start-ups. A key part of this process will be a start-up challenge to recognise India’s leading tech innovators in the energy sector.

We, at KPMG in India, will work closely with these new-age businesses to design a bespoke approach and help them secure the building blocks such as access to mentorship, insights, expertise, access to investors, industry leaders, subject-matter experts, and networks. These businesses are driving change through innovation and treading ahead as change agents, enabling India to achieve its targets in the field of climate change and sustainability. This programme is an effort by KPMG in India to forge new partnerships in our endeavour to address the challenges of climate change both at a national and global level.

KPMG Private Enterprise Access, India

KPMG in India’s flagship mentorship programme for start-ups and new-age companies is called KPMG Private Enterprise Access, India. This 12-month thematic programme is run by our Emerging Giants team for businesses that want to make big moves and big decisions. The programme is divided into three sprints of four months each to sharpen focus on key areas important for growth.