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From idea generation to strategy to execution or at any stage of your business journey, KPMG Innovation Kaleidoscope can help you discover emerging opportunities through our far-reaching innovation and intelligence capabilities, design bold scenarios using state-of the-art interactive technology and deliver the insights and solutions that only come from efficient cross-team collaboration. At the core of this initiative are multidisciplinary teams that design, build, and deliver digitally enabled technology solutions with our clients.


How can we help?

Our innovation centre is a platform that can help organisations accelerate their innovation journey and develop breakthrough ideas that would help address their business challenges. We provide insights on signals of change from an outside-in perspective and also showcase some of the solutions that have been demonstrated and implemented for solving real-world challenges. Our approach is industry-led with our subject-matter experts providing benchmarks and leading practices from their experiences around the world. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients in an immersive process, ideate through design thinking and support in business model innovation that aims to drive action.

Innovation facilities

Centre at Nesco, Mumbai

KPMG in India’s innovation centre is a collaboration space for engaging and developing cutting-edge solutions. Here, our clients can explore, experience, engage and derive insights from our experts and design thinkers. The centre offers a unique environment that encourages technological creativity and serves as a shared collaboration space for KPMG in India’s people, clients, and businesses.

Get in touch with us today for a multi-dimensional journey of what KPMG in India can offer.

Virtual platform

Our virtual platform replicates the capabilities of our physical centre in myriad ways to enhance the interactions we have with clients and demonstrate our capabilities and solutions in a gamified manner. Also available is a repository of our catalogued technology solutions and knowledge banks. Write to us for a virtual session to explore holistic possibilities in leveraging our basket of service line offerings.

Why KPMG in India?

We provide a collaborative, dynamic and digitally enabled way of working, which brings insights, people, and technology together to accelerate transformation and deliver lasting change.


  • Agile, virtual, and physical environments—specifically designed for collaboration
  • Powerful collaborative methods and design thinking tools that drive acceleration
  • Outcome-oriented experiences and services often enabled by technology

Our solution offerings

We work closely with clients to solve their business challenges with cutting edge technology solutions. 

  • Innovation Advisory: industry specific ideation and innovation with our open innovation platform (OIP) and start-up ecosystem
  • Digital transformation: organise a comprehensive digital maturity assessment and identify key strategic interventions with a focus on roadmaps and outcomes

Our Recent Initiatives

KPMG Innovation Kaleidoscope experience at our ESG Conclave and Awards '23

esg solutions booth

Tree plantation in metaverse

For every sapling planted in metaverse by the event participants and dignitaries, the firm is committed to plant a tree at Kanha Shanti Vanam, Hyderabad. It was an exciting and immersive experience for many participants who visited the kiosk.

innovation kaleidoscope 3

ESG solutions at your fingertips

Representing the KPMG Innovation Kaleidoscope Centre, the kiosk showcased tools developed for organisations looking for compliance, adherence, and reporting (GRI, SASB, BRSR).