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The international women of risk community (IWOR) is a network that aims to support and connect women in the risk profession across the globe, both within KPMG‘s network of member firms as well as externally, to foster personal and professional growth within a collaborative environment of over 2000 individuals globally so far.

KPMG in India is glad to further support this initiative and we are proud to revitalise and launch this platform for women in the risk profession across Indian corporate community for a cohesive and fruitful collaboration with our women network in the Indian risk, regulatory and compliance community.

In line with this global initiative of KPMG‘s network of member firms, the aspirational key objectives and the purpose of the women of risk network in India will aim to include:

  • Empower women in the risk profession
  • Feature trends and innovations impacting the risk business
  • Host events to grow and learn from each other
  • Provide an outlet to share tips and insights for navigating the changing landscape of the risk profession
  • Connect female-driven networking events to help drive awareness
  • Engage all risk professionals to help foster inclusion and create opportunities for development and advancement

If you would like to be a part of this network, kindly write to us on in-fmwomenofrisk@kpmg.com

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