FS Regulatory and Compliance advisory services

Regulatory compliance requirements continue to be a complex business challenge, especially in highly-regulated industries such as the Banking and Financial Services sectors.

Our firm’s multidisciplinary team has advised clients on how to best meet the regulatory and compliance challenge, with a strong emphasis on the following fields and practices:

  • anti-money laundering (AML), counter-terrorism financing (CTF) and trade sanctions (TS)
  • cross border risks such as FATCA, CRS and QI
  • anti-bribery and corruption (ABC)
  • regulatory enforcement and compliance
  • financial services compliance transformation and compliance risk management

Proposed services include compliance programs and risk assessments, support with reporting to relevant regulatory bodies, design of policies and procedures, performing independent compliance audits of client and/or 3rd parties such as potential vendors or business partners etc.

Our Services

AML, CTF and Trade Sanctions Services
Cross Border Risk Services – FATCA, CRS, QI
Anti-Bribery and Corruption Services
Regulatory Enforcement and Compliance
FS Compliance Transformation Services
Compliance Surveys and Effectiveness Assessments
Compliance Risk Management
Operational Risk Management

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