Engaging with governments

Engaging with governments

Governments respond to driving change in the world today.

Governments respond to driving change in the world today.

"Governments, both national and local, are on the frontlines of responding to the major trends driving change in the world today – from demographics, to technology, to the shifting global economy. At the same time, they must cope with austerity, doing more with less, and serve much more empowered and engaged constituencies." - Nick Chism, Government & Infrastructure

Bringing governments global insights and strategic thinking, with local knowledge and skills.

The challenges have become significantly more complex, and we are seeing this reflected in both the complexity and size of projects KPMG Government practices are involved with around the world. More than ever, governments cannot afford missteps. This is not only because of the intense pressure to manage costs, but also because issues of national competitiveness and legitimacy are at stake.

As a result, governments are hungry for global insights and strategic thinking, to see how other entities are addressing these issues. Insight alone isn’t enough. They want an advisor that can engage at a high level on complex issues and draw on global experience, and that can also implement.

KPMG’s Government practice approach is to assemble focused global teams, with specific expertise in sectors such as defense and human services, and knowledge in managing large programs, and connect these teams with our practices around the world. This enables bringing both the global insights, and the local knowledge and ability to execute.

Innovative solutions

Disruptive technologies, particularly in areas such as data and analytics and cyber defense, are playing a much greater role and we are using them to develop new applications for governments. We have created city development and financing solutions that support data-based decision making and greater cost-efficiencies.

With citizens demanding greater empowerment and more transparency, KPMG Government practices in the US and elsewhere are helping design integrated service delivery systems to support major transformations and increase satisfaction.

We have also introduced a unique Benefits Realization Tool that helps clients better manage complex projects, and to take advantage of the interdependencies that help drive benefits in large programs.

Bringing together public and private sectors

Early on, KPMG member firms were pioneers in creating public private partnerships (PPPs) – seeing that there was a pressing need for governments to collaborate more with the private sector, especially in infrastructure development. We also recognized the evolving global market for PPP’s and infrastructure investment. KPMG member firms are skilled at understanding policy issues, economic rationalization of long-term decisions, as well as asset and risk management for the delivery of major infrastructure programs.

Whether for governments or infrastructure projects, global collaboration is critical and often requires the insight and skills to apply lessons learned to unique circumstances in different parts of the world. 

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