Financial, commercial and reputational loss is a constant risk for both public and private sector organisations. We help our clients and their legal advisors prevent, detect and respond to harmful situations whether it be suspected fraud, a business dispute, contract compliance issue, regulatory enquiry or any other concern. We work collaboratively with our global Forensic colleagues to help our clients, no matter where in the world issues arise.

How we can help

Our experienced professionals use investigative accounting, valuation, corporate intelligence and technological skills alongside deep industry knowledge and leading global methodologies to help prevent and mitigate reputational and economic loss to your business, as well as improving the value you obtain from existing contracts. We think and act forensically, this means:

  • Immersing ourselves in the detail, using the latest forensic technologies to increase efficiency;
  • Using full audit trails, as our work is often scrutinised during court proceedings or another legal forum; and
  • Deploying deep investigative skills to get to the heart of the issue showing determination and sensitivity.

What we do

KPMG offers robust, practical advice, helping you by:

  • Undertaking fraud, misconduct and corruption investigations;
  • Providing litigation support and expert witness services in commercial disputes;
  • Offering robust valuation services for use in litigation;
  • Supporting digital investigations, e-discovery requests and cybersecurity breaches;
  • Conducting integrity due diligence checks and asset tracing; and
  • Preventing and detecting fraud and compliance risks.

Our services


Simplifying complex data

Driving efficiencies in a data-driven world

There has been an explosion of data volumes in recent years. Businesses are obliged to manage their data in a structured way and ensure that, when it comes to investigations and discovery, the irrelevant data can quickly and efficiently be filtered out. KPMG can help achieve this using technology-enabled techniques.


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