Fix the process or the technology first?

Picture a government organisation director tackling a growing problem. Their citizens dig through several websites and phone numbers when they have a question or want to access a service. The contact centre is paying overtime to handle the large number of calls coming through, and dealing with frustrated customers when they do get on the line.

The organisation has a number of options and not a lot of time to determine the best solution to improve the experience for these citizens. Should they:

  1. Identify ways to save money and increase capacity such as outsourcing contact centre.
  2. Redesign the website and optimise Search Engine Optimisation.
  3. Understand citizens’ changing needs in a timely manner.
  4. None of the above.

Fulfilling citizen experiences

We recommend option 3 to get to the root of what citizens really need and how they want to interact with the organisation, and design a prioritised action plan around this to consider citizens as customers. Next, determine what the citizen experience should look like.

In a recent study, only 38 percent of people feel like a valued customer when dealing with the government.

This article will likely help central and local government directors and department heads understand the value of improving citizen experience for end users and the organisation, and provide a blueprint for implementing more strategic, customer-centric, approaches.

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