Are you considering a career move in 2023? The start of a new year can be a great time to consider career opportunities and new challenges. With constant client demand for a growing range of services, we spoke to Paul Vance, Head of Resourcing at KPMG in Ireland to learn more about opportunities for talented people.

The holidays and the start of a new year typically see an increase in the number of people looking afresh at their careers says Paul Vance. “It’s no surprise that people reflect on fresh opportunities at the beginning of the year as its often the first time they have to take a break in a busy working life.”

Paul leads the team at KPMG in Ireland tasked with making sure the business is fully resourced to meet the challenges faced by clients. “With more variety than ever in terms of the roles we have it can be a good time to reflect on the CV and thinking of what you want to do next.” 

"We have great openings in areas such as utilities, energy, sustainability and the broader theme of ESG."

A range of career options

According to Paul “One of the most interesting or motivating aspects of this job for me and my colleagues is working with a broader range of candidates than ever before.” In recent years KPMG has recruited experts in areas ranging from biodiversity to engineering and almost every skill set in-between.

Paul highlights just some of the opportunities currently available. “We have great openings in areas such as utilities, energy, sustainability and the broader theme of ESG as well as all areas of audit. In tax we’re on the lookout for people with expertise in areas such as transfer pricing and R&D tax and our deal advisory teams are busy recruiting for example in managed solutions, corporate finance and restructuring.”

Paul also notes the launch of KPMG Law, one of Ireland’s newest law firms who are actively looking for a range of legal professionals; “this is a really significant development and KPMG Law has a range of great career opportunities for people looking for a new challenge.” 

Tech opportunities

Unsurprisingly, the area of technology also remains a big focus says Paul. “The open roles we have in consulting are very exciting – the range of work we’re doing with clients is phenomenal”.  In many respects we are “problem solvers” he says, and Paul believes the range of issues confronting clients has “never been more complex and more often than not they don’t have the specific expertise available on tap and that’s where our client facing teams can really add real value.”

With this in mind he cites roles ranging from data and analytics and cyber security to people and change and technology consulting. Specifically, Paul lists opportunities for security architects, business modellers, technology risk advisors, internal audit and UX Advisory. “There’s no business problem our clients wouldn’t ask for our insight and support to help to fix” says Paul, and he encourages anyone mulling over a move to get in touch to find out more about specific roles.

"We work with organisations big and small who are at the leading edge in every sector."


Since early May 2022 we have hired almost 600 experienced professionals says Paul, who notes that they are now in positions “Across all parts of the business. From audit and tax to deal advisory and consulting there has been continued demand for really great people.” Paul highlights the variety of clients as one of the key factors in attracting candidates. “Yes we work with lots of household names but the appeal is also around the fact that we work with organisations big and small who are at the leading edge in every sector.”

Exceptional graduate programme

Graduate recruitment is particularly important. “Graduate recruitment is a constant for us,” Vance points out. “We hired almost 500 graduates in the last year and we deliver an award-winning graduate training programme across all areas of the firm with exceptional opportunities to learn from and train with the best. In addition to the above, we are planning on recruiting additional graduates in our Risk Consulting practice, which provides premier advisory services to our clients and can offer graduates a rewarding and fulfilling career.”

The three-and-a-half-year programme covers everything required for a successful career in business. “After the initial training period, our graduates move on to gain other business and leadership skills and they will typically come through to management grades in the firm within five years. As part of this progression they get experience of work with the senior leadership team at the same time as they are completing their professional exams and receiving other training. The programme is evolving all the time. It’s something we are constantly innovating.”

"The KPMG Business School has an exceptional reputation for the range of courses it offers and the standard of delivery.”

Training for life

Paul also highlights the role of training. “The KPMG Business School has an exceptional reputation for the range of courses it offers and the standard of delivery.” According to Paul, access to training comes at or close to the top of candidates priorities when considering a change. “We are committed to both exceptional general management training and a great range of technical or role specific development.”

And it’s not determined by seniority either. “It doesn’t matter what stage of your career you’re at or whether you joined as a graduate or a more experienced professional – we will always want you to access the very best training available.” This commitment gets recognised according to Paul.” Much of our feedback shows that candidates who join us not only rate the reputation of the training but what is delivered really is true to the firms approach to continuous learning and development. 

Invest in talent in an appealing workplace

With its range of clients Paul cites the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative and entrepreneurial people in Ireland. KPMG is also committed to investing in young talented people across Ireland, including its support for women in sport as exemplified by its sponsorship of the KPMG Women’s Irish Open golf tournament and its support for leading golfer Leona Maguire and outstanding jockey Rachael Blackmore.

Of course, it helps that KPMG is also an appealing place to work. “You get to work with some of the brightest business leaders in Ireland,” says Paul.  “What’s more, KPMG has an incredible range of clients and we offer promotional opportunities four times a year.”

There’s also a sense of community and camaraderie. It’s a truism to say its not just about the day job says Paul Vance. “I am always impressed with just how much our people, including these who have just joined us, want to get involved in more than just their day job. Paul cites the principal of skills- based volunteering which lies at the heart of KPMG’s approach to giving back to the communities in which it operates. “Themes such as literacy are central to many of our programmes. Our volunteers take part and lead in many areas on the theme of reading and all the feedback is highly positive.”

Such programmes support the association with the KPMG Childrens Books Ireland awards, to be held in Dublin in May. “There’s much more to it than the day job,” adds Paul.  “From sports and social activities and being able to be involved in our highly successful and award-winning corporate citizenship programme with its emphasis on skills-based volunteering. It’s a very friendly, encouraging environment. And it’s a really good chance to make an impact in a well-known global brand while pursuing a rewarding career.”

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