The largest tax authority findings in Hungary are often connected to VAT. During their investigations, the tax authority devotes special attention to these types of taxes, still lacking in clarity, as uncertainty can lead to significant tax risks. Also, since some Hungarian VAT legislation is still different from EU VAT law, Hungarian taxpayers will need to play by both rulebooks and monitor new concepts and rulings carefully. We offer our clients guidance on the related risks and advice on avoiding ‘grey-area’ penalties arising from ambiguities in new EU/Hungarian VAT law.

The Indirect Tax Advisory and Compliance Services group provides assistance in the following main areas:

  • advisory services in VAT matters;
  • advisory services in international trade matters;
  • advisory services in connection with excise duties and consumption tax;
  • VAT registration and VAT return completion for multinational entities;
    co-operation in procedures with authorities;
  • VAT refund applications for taxpayers registered abroad;
  • transaction structuring and improving the efficiency of cash flows for VAT and customs duties.

In addition, regarding the fulfilment of the recently increased number of VAT compliance and related reporting obligations KPMG offers technology solutions which, besides decreasing the required time for the processes, may also potentially bring numerous benefits to your company: VAT Technology Solutions

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