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Thank you for trusting us and visiting our refreshed webpage. As our lives become increasingly complex in the 21st century, it is particularly important to provide to the point and precise responses to the challenges our clients face. Our law firm aims at delivering on this promise, working with KPMG's local and global web of experts in legal matters and way beyond. We seek solutions, instead of presenting to our clients the lengthy lamentations on remote risks. We focus on Yes instead of No, and we shifted our mindset from simple risk identificators to business enablers.

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Our law firm has been providing comprehensive legal services to Hungarian and international clients since January 2016. Our team of experts believes that every legal problem is unique, so we pay particular attention to understanding the economic and corporate governance context behind a specific issue. We always work to help our clients create and preserve value as effectively as possible.

Our team is composed of professionals with an innovative and proactive mindset, many of whom are also experts in fields outside law, such as psychology or economics. As an important confirmation of the recognition of our expertise, our conferences, training courses and expert publications as well are of great interest. We are honoured that many of our clients have been with us for many years and come back to us to solve their new legal problems.


We are proud that every practice group of our law firm is ranked again by the prestigious The Legal500 publication which evaluates the best lawyers and law firms worldwide based on their expertise and client feedback.


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We provide support for GDPR compliance of Hungarian companies, as well as Hungarian subsidiaries of international companies operating in various industry fields. Our team has extensive data protection experience especially in the insurance, banking, commerce, manufacturing, and auditing sectors.

If you are dealing with money as a business, there is a good chance we are advising in your field. Our team of lawyers operate on two main areas: We provide top-notch Regulatory Advice to actors on the Financial, Capital & Insurance Markets to ensure your compliance with complex regulatory requirements. On the other hand, we are also trusted advisors to both lender and borrower side during Financings. Starting with traditional bank financings, we place extreme emphasis on alternative funding mechanisms such as equity, bond, fundraisings, etc.

Our team helps you to ensure that your business operates efficiently and in compliance with the law. Our team of experts provides industry-specific compliance consulting services tailored to our clients' needs, including policy designing, contract review, process optimisation services, and compliance with new requirements of the Directives and Regulations of the European Union and Hungarian laws, which determines the operation of companies and other organisations. We ensure compliance in order to prevent sanctions of authorities (such as fines), in questions related to classic corporate law issues or new challenges in the areas of digitalisation. sustainability and whistleblowing systems.

We provide legal support in relation to Digital Services Act (DSA), Digital Market Act (DMA) and Data Act for online marketplaces, online platforms, and manufacturers as well as suppliers of IoT products. We also provide legal services for providers and deployers of AI in order to be compliance with the requirements of AI Act developed by European Union. This includes the preparation of legal documents and providing support in regulatory sandboxes for innovative companies.

Our team provides comprehensive legal advice on the environmental, social and governance impacts of corporate operations and has particular expertise in addressing relevant environmental, energy, human rights, labour, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering issues. In addition to providing a comprehensive ESG due diligence of corporate operations, we also provide assistance in specific areas, including greenwashing avoidance, human rights compliance and ESG risk management.

Our Real Estate practice group covers all areas related to real estates, with special regards to legal advice in transactions related to real estates (both share deals and asset deals), in construction matters and in real estate leases. Our colleagues have significant experience in real estate matters, on sale and buy side, constructor or client side and landlord and tenant side. Our practice group was ranked as a „Firm to watch” in the 2023 edition of Legal500.

Our team assists in the drafting and review of corporate employment law documentation, preparation of documentation related to the employer's duty to inform, working time management and employment law issues related to protected categories of employees, whether typical or atypical employment relationships, including the employment of senior management. We also provide comprehensive employment law due diligence and represent our clients in litigation in employment law matters.

Our team supports decision making processes related to the operational running of businesses. In particular, we provide legal support for our Clients regarding applications for registration of changes at the Court of Registry (e.g. in cases of changes affecting the Managing Director, a member of the Supervisory Board or the Auditor) and the adoption of annual accounts.

Unlock the potential of your transaction with our M&A team. Our legal professionals specialize in navigating the complexities of M&A transactions, ensuring a seamless process and maximizing value for your business. Trust us to provide strategic guidance, expert due diligence, and meticulous deal structuring, making your M&A endeavours a success story.

We at KPMG believe that competition law is much more than just the laws. Competition law is closely linked to all areas of the economy, whether it is about mergers, market abuse or consumer protection issues. This is why our competition law team is constantly growing and has been recognised in the Legal500 among the best law firms. We provide comprehensive legal advice on all aspects of competition law, namely on regulatory issues, consumer protection matters, merger notifications and we also assist our clients in antitrust matters. We also provide comprehensive competition law due diligence, risk assessment and competition law compliance training services. Our primary goal is to protect our clients from competition law risks and help them to avoid them.

Our dispute resolution team deals with a wide range of dispute resolution procedures, including alternative dispute resolution. Our team has significant experience in domestic and international arbitration, administrative litigation and complex civil and commercial litigation involving complex cross-border issues. We acted as legal representatives before the Court of Justice of the European Union and have extensive experience in the procedures and representation in front of domestic administrative bodies. In the course of our work, we pair traditional legal solutions and knowledge with dispute resolution methods and procedures tailored to the specific case and client. Our team consisting of legal professionals working in both English and Hungarian was ranked as "Firms to watch" by Legal500 in its 2023 edition.

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