Legal Services

Legal Services

We have made it a priority to deliver integrated legal advice that simultaneously recognize business priorities.

We deliver integrated legal advice that simultaneously recognize business priorities.

KPMG Legal believes in approaching legal tasks in an innovative and dynamic way. In nutshell, this means the following two things for our clients.

Our goal is to answer any type of question our clients may have. This is because our clients are facing not only legal hurdles, yet multidisciplinary problems relative to their business activities. The biggest advantage of KPMG Legal is that we work in a close collaboration with the tax, accounting and audit teams of KPMG, counting several hundreds of experts, to tackle complex problems regardless of their nature. Working together with our colleagues, we are able to provide our clients with personalized legal service that handles the details of a project, transaction or problem in synchronicity.

Furthermore, from a legal aspect, we aim at finding the best and fastest solution during our work. We find that our clients are always appreciating the additional thoughts and effort invested in our services. We believe that our clients place trust in us over and over again, because they value the special care that they receive from us and our colleagues.


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