Business people working abroad often need assistance in taxation and social security issues, in identifying tax planning opportunities and in dealing with the relevant practical tasks.

Our Personal Income Tax Group offers a wide range of services for them, including:

  • customised tax planning for both individuals and corporations
  • share options, advice on secondments, foreign pension funds, etc.
  • assistance in connection with investigations performed by the tax authority in respect of private individuals, along with the relevant administration and representation before the tax authority
  • comprehensive performance of tasks related to the preparation of tax/social security returns, including tax/social security payment assistance
  • personal income tax and social security advice
    administration and representation before the tax authority in connection with tax return filing and related questions arising
  • immigration services.

In the case of cross-border transactions, the international personal income tax groups of KPMG's global network combine to provide a co-ordinated approach.

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