Meet our tester team with strong software development background and widespread hacker knowledge.

Our team contains several OSCP, CEH, OSWP, OSWE and KCEH certified professionals. Our ethical hackers and testers with software development backgrounds worked with ARM, x86 assembly, Java knowledge, C / C ++ and Python programming languages and in the .NET framework.








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*CVE is a list of entries - each containing an identification number, a description and at least one public reference - for publicly known cyber security vulnerabilities.

The team

Kornél Lukács

Partner, Head of Cyber

Kornél is the head of KPMG Cyber Lab and he is primarily involved in sales. His work hides something new every day and he is proud to have become a computer scientist from being an economist. He has worked in Bulgaria, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine and Oman.

In his spare time, he restores vintage cars and plays golf. He also likes wakeboarding and snowboarding.

Kamilló Matek

Senior Manager, Head of CyberLab

He has 10+ years of experience in the sector. He used to work as a software developer, a leading developer, and also as a software architect. Hacking has evolved from a hobby into a full-time job that he already operates internationally. He has also worked on projects for ENISA as an ethical hacker. He specializes in uncovering hard-to-find vulnerabilities. He has already published several internationally accepted vulnerabilities.

He spends his spare time with his family - his wife, 4 children and a dog.

Judit Körmendy

Cyber Project Manager

Trying to understand the most of the world around her, she has worked in many different roles. At the end, caring deeply about the future of the world and humanity, she is happy to take part in making the digital world safer for everyone as the project manager of the team.

She is the happy mother of a boy, uses scooter whenever she can and loves the sun more than anyone.

Adrienn Békési

Junior Project Manager

Adri is driven by curiosity and has worked in many different fields. She adapts quickly and easily to change, relishes a good challenge, and will happily jump outside her comfort zone. In her spare time, she plays music and finds the right extreme sport herself for every season.

Dániel Tóth

Senior Ethical Hacker

He started working as a software developer 10 years ago and has slowly but surely slided into the ethical hacking profession. His task is to answer professional questions, assists in vulnerability testing. He also ensures quality work and communicates with customers.

In his spare time, he rides motorcycles, has drones and attends airsoft games.

Attila Bartha

Senior Ethical Hacker

He has 8 years of experience in the sector. He graduated as an electrical engineer and got into this world by accident.

In his spare time, he repaires and rides motocycles, likes wakeboarding and snowboarding.

Vendel László

Senior Ethical Hacker

He has a degree in physics, that’s why he is able to see through the chaos.

In his spare time, he translates books and works on a community space in the office.

Dániel Illés

Senior Ethical Hacker

Daniel graduated as a military and security engineer, he has been working in IT for 3 years. He loves the challenges and learning opportunities at Cyber Lab the most.

In his spare time, he likes to do DIYs, but even if he steps into a nail, he won’t go get a tetanus shot.

Zolotarev Mikhail

Senior Ethical Hacker

Misa has a degree in Computer Programming and has been working in IT Security for 4 years. He likes challenges, working with new languages and frameworks. He also spends her free time in the IT security world: reading professional articles, attending meetups and conferences and giving security awareness lectures to her friends (against their will :) )

Tibor Branstetter

Medior Ethical Hacker

Qualified ethical hacker and IT administrator, who examines every task to be solved in exhaustive detail.

In his spare time, he plays board games and computer strategy games.

Vajda Gergely

Junior Ethical Hacker

He has started his IT career as a System Administrator. He has been working in IT for 4 years and he is always eager to learn something new. His hobbies are rock climbing, scuba diving, and in his spare time he teaches self-defense exercises to his son who is 4 years old.

Piskóti Patrik

Junior Ethical Hacker

As a hobby Patrik is developing tools to simplify everyday life. He has swum across Lake Balaton once, and he spends his spare time climbing walls and rocks - this is the tenacity with which he carries out his CyberLab tasks. His dream is to become a full-time researcher one day.

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