Assistance in complex accounting issues, implementation of changes, preparation of reports In today’s rapidly  changing economic and regulatory environment, Hungarian accounting regulations do not always provide clear and easily applicable answers to situations that arise, the risks arising from which could be avoided.

It has become more important than ever to provide companies with up-to-date advice on issues that regulations cannot respond to quickly enough. In addition to their constantly rising costs, companies cannot afford the possible risks arising from uncertain situations and the  occurrence of costs and expenses that could be avoided. Our advisers use their up-to-date professional knowledge and application expertise to help you set up the best and most efficient company (group) structure and identify accounting solutions, presenting the individual options and their potential impacts on your company.

As a result of all of this, , among other things we provide advisory services on the handling of complex accounting issues relating to specific, material transactions under Hungarian accounting regulations, as well as advisory projects – even on-site – for implementation projects related to changes in accounting rules. In addition, we have extensive experience in jointly working on accounting issues arising in the course of a company (group) restructuring, division transfers or mergers and demergers, or even in preparing the related documentation.

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