Accounting Advisory

Accounting Advisory

We provide a broad range of services relating to the application of IFRSs and the Hungarian Act on Accounting.

We provide numerous services relating to IFRSs and the Hungarian Act on Accounting.

In today’s complex and rapidly changing global economy it has never been more important for organisations to receive a high standard of accounting advice and support to help them in ensuring compliance with professional regulations and in achieving their business objectives.

KPMG’s Accounting Advisory Services are designed to help clients find their way among the constantly changing Hungarian and International Financial Reporting Standards. Our staff are highly trained accounting professionals with many years of experience who keep abreast of the latest trends and know-how with regular training; they prepare for expected changes to ensure we can provide quality responses to client enquiries not just based on current rules but also in view of their likely amendments.

Our services help you comply with the Hungarian Accounting Law and related regulations, apply the International Financial Reporting Standards on a daily basis, implement new accounting standards, set up the related processes, as well as answer complex accounting questions and transactions.

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