Judit Boros


KPMG in Hungary

Judit has been working for KPMG since 1993 as a Partner since 2006. She has been leading the professional practice department since 2002 with also being head of accounting advisory services till 2011. She is a Member of the National Accounting Committee and the President of the Hungarian Accounting Standards Board since 2011. Judit has a solid theoretical background and an extraordinary record of experience in applying both the Hungarian Accounting Law and IFRSs. Judit has significant experience in organising, coordinating and conducting audits of complex enterprises and groups of companies. Judit’s experience bridges a number of industry sectors: financial services, real estates, retail, transportation, government, healthcare and energy. Judit graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Trade at the Budapest University of Economic Sciences in 1992 with a degree in economics. She speaks fluent Hungarian and English.