The latest minimum wage and guaranteed minimum wage rules were published on Monday 20 November. An important change compared to previous years is that the new wage scales will apply from 1 December 2023, so wages due for December this year will also be affected. For full-time employees, the minimum mandatory basic wage will amount to HUF 266,800 per month, HUF 61,340 per week, HUF 12,270 per day and HUF 1,534 per hour from 1 December 2023.

For jobs requiring secondary education or professional qualifications, the guaranteed minimum wage (known as the graduate minimum wage) will also increase to HUF 326,000 per month, HUF 74,950 per week, HUF 14,990 per day and HUF 1,874 per hour.

It is important to note that the hourly rate of wages must be adjusted proportionally in the case of full-time working for more or less than 8 hours per day, and in the case of part-time working, wages must be reduced proportionally to the amount of working time.

The Regulation shall apply from 1 January 2024 in respect of benefits determined based on the amount of the minimum wage or the guaranteed minimum wage for the month of January 2024.