Our mission is to create the platform to be the biggest integrator of SSCs within CEE. Our aim is to enhance the scope of our service portfolio and manage large scale projects together in the SSC/GBS sector.

We have established a CEE level talent pool with central governance that is easy to mobilize. Covid-19 pandemic catalyzed remote/hybrid way of working which creates the right momentum to intensify the cooperation of CEE KPMG member firms. The main skill sets and competencies, the tailor-made solutions are avaiable to meet potential clients’ immediate need.

About the network

CEE SSC numbers

About the market

CEE is the top region of choice for shared services centers. The 3 key drivers of the region's high investment attractiveness are the central geographical location, low salary level and competitive talent pool. Even though the market has reached a certain maturity, further transitions are still ongoing due to the digitalization/automation incentives.

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