A few years ago, sustainable investments were seen primarily as a sacrifice made based on individual values, but today, environmental, social or governance factors (ESG) are essential for the long-term sustainable growth of a company. There is a growing body of empirical evidence, including our own KPMG research, showing that companies with a good ESG rating and a truly sustainable track record perform well in long-term investment portfolios, making ESG an inevitable part of the strategies of major asset managers. ESG has also transformed the way investors think, and there is a growing expectation that investments should be assessed and monitored from this perspective too.

To satisfy client needs, KPMG can help among other things with the following:

  • Exploring and collating ESG data to support subsequent analyses.
  • Drafting investment strategies, policies, client disclosures and other regulations, taking ESG considerations into account.
  • Preparing tools to support and analyse ESG decisions.
  • Preparing for ESG ratings.
  • Business planning, review of existing business plans.

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