Industrial manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing

After most of Europe, including the Croatia, has managed to get out from under the financial crisis, industrial production is on the rise.

The Croatian industry’s main topic thus remains: How to assure stable growth which will withstand any unexpected blows? 


  • The broad scope of our services enables us to approach even the largest companies in a comprehensive manner – providing audit, tax consulting as well as legal services.
  • We can uncover which of your prices are unnecessarily overestimated and will help you with negotiations for new supplier agreements. Your costs will decline significantly.
  • Thanks to KPMG’s global network of firms, we can assist you in your entry into new markets, in finding new international opportunities, and in the assessment of the utility of your planned investment.
  • We will find gaps in your logistics and supply chainwhich may help you avoid waste and lower expenses.
  • We will take a look at the structure of even the most complex corporations and suggest changes: towards simplicity, straightforwardness and effectiveness.

Who we have helped

Among our clients are the biggest Croatian companies which have successfully expanded internationally. We have helped engineering firms but also companies active in progressive areas like biotechnologies.