In the past few years, financial institutions have been going through an intense period of change that has greatly increased the need for efficient and effective risk management governance, processes and controls. 

To this end, KPMG’s Financial Risk Management professionals can help clients review and strengthen their Risk Management frameworks, structures, and processes, in line with global best practices and regulatory requirements, aiming at improving the end-to-end credibility and integrity of the corresponding Risk Management units.   

An indicative and non-exhaustive list of areas that risk governance services can efficiently help clients is the following:

  • Development, review, and re-engineering of Risk Management frameworks, processes, policies, and controls across all major risk types, i.e., Credit Risk, Market & Liquidity Risk, Counterparty Credit & XVA Risk, Operational & Reputational Risk, and Funding Risk.
  • Guidance and support on establishing highly performing and efficient Risk Management units and corresponding committees.
  • Development, review, and re-engineering of Risk Management unit operational manuals in line with best international practices.
  • Provision of state-of-the-art Internal Audit services aiming at ensuring that proper controls are in place and that Risk Management processes and policies are followed as per design based on test operating effectiveness. 
  • Incorporation of ESG and sustainability practices across all aspects of a Risk Management frameworks, processes, policies, and controls.

Ioannis Kamitsos

Director, Consulting,
KPMG in Greece