Risk Management is of essential importance to financial institutions, particularly under the on-going turbulent macro-economic conditions and increasingly complex regulatory requirements at both national and international level. 

KPMG in Greece offers a broad range of financial risk management services. We help financial institutions identify, assess, quantify, manage, monitor, and report the various types of risks that they face. 

KPMG's Financial Risk Management professionals work with financial institutions and other corporate clients of various sizes, in Greece and abroad, to help improve the estimation methodologies, regulatory compliance, strategy, as well as the governance and processes across a wide area of risk types and services, such as credit risk, counterparty credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, operational and reputational risk, and ESG.

Our Financial Risk Management professionals aim at providing consistent, cost efficient and high-quality service through:

  • A team with extensive, hands-on risk management experience both in Greece and abroad.
  • A global network with offices across over 145 countries.
  • Access to an extensive network of resources of one of the world’s leading professional advisory organizations.

In summary, the provided services are organized under the following groups of services, each one spanning across all aforementioned risk types:

  • Quantitative Model Solutions.
  • Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance Services.
  • Risk Governance Services.

Ioannis Kamitsos

Director, Consulting,
KPMG in Greece