The labor market has been undergoing constant changes in recent years, as new trends emerge and new practices are adopted regarding the attraction and retention of executives. We tried to capture these trends and developments with the "Voice of the Candidate" survey, which we conducted in September 2023 as a follow-up to the first phase of the survey that was implemented in February 2023.

Executives from various business sectors working both in Greece and abroad participated in the survey, who were asked to express their view about what is happening in the labor market and to answer a series of questions in key areas of interest, such as their motivation to make the next step in their career, the selection criteria of a new employer and the possible reasons for leaving their company.

The key findings of the survey are the following:

  • 54% of participants have moved to new employers in the last 3 years
  • 45% of candidates living in Greece are open to moving abroad for the right job, while 48% of Greek expatriates would return to Greece if they received a satisfying job offer
  • 82% of professionals state that the toxic working environment is the main reason for quitting their job
  • 70% of respondents consider the remuneration package the first criterion for choosing an employer, while the role interest and responsibilities come second in line with 58% 
  • 73% of participants consider “Employer Branding” a very important factor for employer choice
  • 83% of candidates are influenced by testimonials & reviews of other employees regarding companies’ reputation as employers.

There is also significant variation of needs and priorities among different age groups. In specifics, Gen Zers seem to look mainly for a good career path and tend to value their work-life balance and flexible work conditions. Yet, older generations focus on company dynamic as well as mission, vision, and culture.

Based on the above research findings and the individual conclusions, it is imperative that we all listen to the particular needs of candidates of all generations and demonstrate flexibility and adaptability, so that we satisfy them for the benefit of the business. From our side, we will continue to record developments in the labor market and be on the side of businesses and executives with the aim of highlighting, as Consultants, the big picture to all stakeholder groups and developing mutually beneficial business relationships.

Revekka Papailiou

Director, Consulting,
KPMG in Greece

20230201 Elsa Stathopoulou Corporate Portrait Studio & NGG / Thalia Galanopoulou

Elsa Stathopoulou

Manager, Consulting,
KPMG in Greece