I believe the most important thing is for employees to accumulate the skills needed to achieve their own goals and objectives.

Takahito Tokita
Fujitsu Limited

Takahito Tokita is on a mission to transform Fujitsu Limited from a traditional IT company into a purpose-driven, digital experience organization. “Our company has the potential to combine innovative technologies with others from around the world to help advance the digital transformation," the CEO of Fujitsu Limited says.

“We have always been confident in our technology and innovations, but in our conversations with clients we realized they need more than just products — they need integrated, value-added capabilities to help advance their own digital transformations. Upon assuming leadership, I declared that we would change from an IT to digital experience company to meet that demand and show that we are not a company that simply follows old traditions.”

Despite the disruption caused by the pandemic, COVID-19 ultimately helped Fujitsu advance its own transformation. “COVID-19 helped progress various initiatives for digital experience companies. Like many other organizations, we moved employees into a remote working environment and away from paperwork to digital and web-based alternatives. In a unique move for a Japanese company, we placed more emphasis on employees to act autonomously, take initiative and encourage creative thinking and individuality. I believe the most important thing is for employees to accumulate the skills needed to achieve their own goals and objectives."

Takahito Tokita acknowledges that transforming a large organization like Fujitsu into a new type of business isn’t without its challenges. Like many large Japanese businesses, Fujitsu struggles with its legacy systems, but the lessons it is learning from its own experiences gives Fujitsu a competitive advantage when it comes to supporting clients.

“Fujitsu has always faced similar challenges to many of our clients. As we switch our business over to a new system, we can now look at data and understand what is happening and share this data. Data-driven management is helping us make better choices and we are helping clients benefit from this too.

“Like many other companies, we face challenges in how to implement data-driven management and how to control and manage systems globally. While it is important to improve our own management, it is also important to use the insights we have gained to help our clients.”

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