Over the last years, geopolitical, social, economic and global health factors have disrupted the way business is being conducted. We all have had to rapidly adapt to new ways of working while shifting to a largely remote workforce, responding to changing customer behavior, dealing with large supply chain disruptions and handling the added risk of operating at an accelerated pace.

We have focused our research on five prevailing market themes which will have an enduring impact on the future business environment, developing new innovative services to help in Empowering, Sustaining and Funding your Future:

streamlining future of business
streamlining future of business

In a digitally disrupted world, things change fast, it may feel like you’re chasing a moving target. 

Thoughts keeping you up at night might be how to…

  • Reshape the employee experience, drive change across the whole organization and add value to the business by unlocking the potential of your most powerful asset – the people. 
  • Give customers a seamless experience and build the business around them. 
  • Leave time consuming and outdated processes behind, become more agile and head to more profits faster.
  • Move from simply controlling costs to adding strategic value with stronger and resilient relationships with suppliers and a wider business ecosystem. 
  • Empower the organization to succeed: protect the organization without holding it back, reframe risk and gain more confidence with well-designed controls to secure business resilience and profitable growth.

So what if we can look at the business world a little differently? 

With KPMG’s Powered Enterprise, tomorrow looks powerful, taking advantage of the latest technologies, leading business practices and tested practices for a smarter, faster path towards the future.

streamlinig future of business

“Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all. It offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship and strengthen governance.”
Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary-General (2007 – 2016)

It’s no longer a question of why to embrace Sustainability, but a matter of how.

KPMG can help you by:

  • Building a Sustainability Strategy and preparing you for the “Net Zero Transition”, generating long-term value and maintaining business resiliency.
  • Creating a Sustainability Report, reviewing and improving corporate policies & processes, allowing your investors to have access to consistent, high-quality and material public information.
  • Complying with responsible investment metrics and ESG criteria, giving your company the opportunity to participate in responsible capital markets, stock indices and evaluation indicators.
  • Using tools for social value estimation (Social Return on Investment - SROI), enhancing your brand reputation and stakeholder strength (clients, shareholders, employees, society).
  • Providing External Assurance Services, following defined procedures of international standards (ISAE 3000, AA1000 AS etc.).
  • Seize the challenge to take the abstract vision of sustainable development and turn it into a real opportunity for your company. 

Seize the challenge to take the abstract vision of sustainable development and turn it into a real opportunity for your company. 

streamlining future of business

Empowering and sustaining your business in these challenging times should not lead to a further strain. To this end, large-scale financial support schemes have been put in place and provide unprecedented opportunities for reforms and investments.

  • The EU Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) has allocated 31.2 €bn in grants and loans for Greece, focusing on the improvement of public and private infrastructures, the digital transformation of businesses, the green transition, as well as the reskilling and upskilling of the work force. Long-term loans at a very favorable pricing will be provided to private companies through International Financial Institutions and the banking system, based entirely on market criteria, with no state involvement.
  • The Partnership Agreement “ΕΣΠΑ 2021 – 2027” has been approved with an estimated budget of ~25 €bn and will support, among others, innovation, digital transformation (“industry 4.0”), improvement of the tourist ecosystem, green development and environmental sustainability.
  • Investment Law and Strategic Investment will shortly be re-launched with improved provisions for investors.

These support schemes constitute a unique opportunity for growth and evolution, that should not be missed. To access these funds, you must select the most appropriate scheme for your investment and financing requirements and then design, develop, and implement growth projects, which are aligned with the priorities and criteria of the selected scheme.

We can guide you to seize the above opportunities by providing insights of incentives/aids to support your strategy. Indicatively, we can support you in identifying the most appropriate incentives for implementing your growth plan, prepare your business plan as well as your funding application, and provide strategic and management support services for the implementation of your growth and development projects.