Summary of the Voluntary Disclosure Program introduced by Law 4446/2016

Summary of the Voluntary Disclosure Program...

An alert concerning the application of the Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) of prior years’ taxable income introduced by Law 4446/2016 (Government Gazette Ά 240/22.12.2016) on “Bankruptcy Code, Administrative Justice, Duties - Fees, Voluntary disclosure of undeclared income, Electronic transactions, Amendments of Law 4270/2014 and other provisions”.

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Consistent with our commitment to provide current information on tax issues, we provide a comprehensive summary of the Voluntary Disclosure Program introduced by Law 4446/2016 (Government Gazette Ά 240/22.12.2016). 

  • The new legislation introduces procedures which provide taxpayers with the option to disclose their earned income in case it was not declared in the past.
  • The VDP will be in effect up to 31 May 2017 and it provides specific regulations for participation in the Program in particular cases, as well as certain exemptions from such participation.

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