The Guru Event with speaker Roger Harrop was concluded successfully at Divani Caravel

7 Dec. 16, 3:00PM - 8:00PM, EET

"Building an exciting success story for your business!"

Guru Event: Roger Harrop

During the event, the participants had the opportunity to see alternative methodologies for the preparation of a strategic development plan of a company in times of crisis.

During the interactive c-level masterclass, the ‘CEO expert’ of modern management, Roger Harrop, said: “If you want your business to grow, renew 10% of your employees each year”.

And this was just one of the ground-breaking tips that he gave to a hall packed with business owners and other senior executives of companies.

According to Roger Harrop, this practice should be followed because a company, in order to grow, needs to have prominent executives who perform at 90% or 100% of their potential. If this is not achieved, then either the employees should leave on their own, or the management should replace them. When asked by the audience whether these practices are hard and create ‘protests’, Roger Harrop replied disarmingly: "No, because this is the only way through which a company can move forward, and this is recognised and accepted by the employees themselves.

Either they choose to be part of growth, or they leave because they do not fit in this context". He also stressed that it is important that business leaders trust their teams and praise their people for what they achieve for the organisation. Only in this way will a climate of high performance and continuous vigilance be created.

Roger Harrop covered a wide range of subjects in his speech (from the millennials generation to sales skills) and concluded that "experience is a set of errors that we made but eventually managed to overcome. Companies need to develop a culture of failure, meaning that the employees have to display courage and boldness, and propose and try new things, even if these do not always lead to the desired result. At best, great innovation is created and, at worst, companies learn a valuable lesson".

The event ended with a panel discussion on “How to succeed in the new game of business”, coordinated by Roger Harrop, with the participation of Mr. Nikos Loulis, Chairman, Loulis Mills, Mr. Dinos Benroubi, President & CEO, Protergia, and Mrs. Milady Stoumbou, Sales Director Germany and Central-Eastern Europe, Cloud Productivity Solutions, Microsoft.

Mr. Benroubi emphasized the need for businesses to show flexibility, innovation and creativity in order to evolve and be competitive.

Mrs. Stoumbou referred to ‘brain drain’ and pointed out that companies need to evolve technologically, introduce digital technology, develop new services and learn from their mistakes, given that - as she said - technology is a key pillar of entrepreneurship.

Mr. Loulis stressed the importance of personal communication and the creation of a culture that will make the employees feel that the company is also theirs.

Click here to see the highlights and Roger Harrop’s presentation, with event’s given access code.


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