CEO Outlook incorporates for the second consecutive year the Greek results and findings, showing the uniformities and differences of Greek CEOs in relation to the CEOs of the major countries participating in KPMG's global survey. Below, some of the insights:

  • 66% of Greek CEOs feel confident about the country’s growth prospects and less confident (58%) for the global economy
  • the majority (90%) of Greek CEOs see technological disruption as more of an opportunity than a threat
  • one out of three (32%) believes that acting with agility is the new currency of business; if we’re too slow, we will be bankrupt
  • more than half (68%) prioritized geographical expansion in developed markets versus emerging markets (32%)
  • three out of four (76%) Greek CEOs are planning to up-skill their workforce with new digital capabilities
  • only 2% of local CEOs applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the automation of processes today
  • technological by 22% and geopolitical by 20% are the greatest threats for their growth
  • one out of two (56%) see information security as a strategic function and as a potential source of competitive advantage
  • becoming the victim of a cyber-attack is now a case of ‘when’, and not ‘if’, for the 48% of Greek CEOs