Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) is a world leader in cigars and traditional pipe tobacco serving 100 markets with nearly 8,000 employees. To drive HR efficiency and improve employees' experiences with HR, STG has embarked on a journey to move their traditionally founded HR department into the digital era.

"Instead of spending time responding to the same questions and finding the same legislation, we can instead use our time and energy together with managers and employees to ensure that employees continue to think that the company is a fun place to work.

Anne-Marie Tørnæs-Hansen
Head of HR Technology, Processes & Insights
Scandinavian Tobacco Group

Chat directly with HuRa

This includes a global implementation of SuccessFactors as well as the use of Denmark's first digital assistant – the HR Chatbot HuRa. At first, HuRa is designed to help companies and employees transition into the New Danish Holiday Act. HR is able to let the employees chat directly with HuRa and let the chatbot find the answers to the questions the employees may have about the new Danish Holiday Act.

With the new strategy, STG is promoting HR as a modern and service-oriented business partner, and using HuRa is an easy and quick opportunity to deliver on the HR strategy, which is focused on heightening employee experience.