A new practice for managing transportation infrastructure

Sund & Bælt operates critical Danish assets such as the Great Belt Fixed Link (Storebæltsbroen) that requires long-term investments and a high availability. Large infrastructure providers traditionally base re-investment decisions on limited data and employees with enormous experience. Sund & Bælt has acknowledged that they need to capture this knowledge when a generation shift occurs in the near future to support them in continuous improvement and data-driven decisions.

KPMG has proven to be a high-performing and very dedicated partner bringing valuable technology insights and a dedicated team.

Mikkel Hemmingsen
Sund & Bælt

As a strategic partner, KPMG has helped Sund & Bælt develop a cutting-edge, data-driven asset management system and decision-making tool. We call it 360˚ TBM. It increases transparency and reduces capital reinvestments and operational costs in the entire value chain. Sund & Bælt's reinvestment costs has gone down 40% and operational costs are expected to be reduced by 10% within five years after implementing 360˚ TBM. In addition, Sund & Bælt has been able to structure vast amounts of asset data more efficiently, generating more value for fewer resources.