At KPMG, we firmly believe in the transformative power of AI, recognising that its full potential is unleashed when coupled with human expertise and ingenuity. KPMG has always been at the forefront of leveraging new technologies to inspire confidence and empower change, blending deep industry expertise and process know-how with cutting-edge technology alliances. This helps accelerate the value derived from AI. Embracing the opportunities AI presents, shows equal dedication to deploying this technology responsibly, with a commitment to trustworthiness, safety and freedom from bias. This commitment is encapsulated in the principles, ethical pillars and governance approach known as KPMG Trusted AI.

How we can help

KPMG Trusted AI is our strategic approach and framework to designing, building, deploying and using AI solutions in a responsible and ethical manner so we can accelerate value with confidence. The assessment helps identify change opportunities, creates action plans and sets out a roadmap that benchmarks your progress against industry peers.

The approach revolves around connecting organisations with emerging technology solutions and leveraging these innovations to help achieve their strategic and business goals. At KPMG, we offer support in navigating regulatory challenges and enhancing efficiency through standardised processes and cloud-based solutions. Our experts bring a deep understanding of risk management, coupled with the innovative digital solutions and specialised guidance you may need to not only meet regulatory requirements but also drive strategic growth and innovation.

Our experts help tailor frameworks designed to embed Trusted AI principles into various stages of your AI initiatives. Risk assessments for single AI/machine learning (ML) algorithms as well as broad assessment reviews of entire AI programs. Development of AI policies and procedures based on principles of integrity, fairness, resilience and explainability.

We help you ensure accountability throughout the AI lifecycle to integrate trust into your broader ML (Machine Learning) processes. Establish and implement governance, policies, procedures and operating models spanning the AI ecosystem including training, evaluating and continuous monitoring of AI models.

At KPMG, we have developed a tool, KPMG Optomo, which empowers companies’ RPA operations of all sizes to achieve exceptional outcomes while effectively managing resources. This includes a proactive monitoring feature to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of your RPA and AI operations. Learn more about KPMG Optomo here.

10 Pillars of KPMG Trusted AI

AI solutions should be designed to reduce or eliminate bias against individuals, communities, and groups.
AI solutions should include responsible disclosure to provide stakeholders with a clear understanding of what is happening in each solution across the AI lifecycle.
AI solutions should be developed and delivered in a way that answers the questions of how and why a conclusion was drawn from the solution.
Human oversight and responsibility should be embedded across the AI lifecycle to manage risk and comply with applicable laws and regulations
Data integrity
Data used in AI solutions should be acquired in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and assessed for accuracy, completeness, appropriateness, and quality to drive trusted decisions.
AI solutions should consistently operate in accordance with their intended purpose and scope and at the desired level of precision.
Robust and resilient practices should be implemented to safeguard AI solutions against bad actors, misinformation, or adverse events.
AI solutions should be designed and implemented to safeguard against harm to people, businesses, and property.
AI solutions should be designed to comply with applicable privacy and data protection laws and regulations.
AI solutions should be designed to be energy efficient, reduce carbon emissions, and support a cleaner environment.

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