Transformation powered by people using generative AI

The opportunity: Ensuring widespread adoption, responsible use and early learning.

With headquarters in Denmark, acute care diagnostics global leader, Radiometer makes products and solutions for hospitals, clinics and laboratories in over 130 countries with around 4,800 employees worldwide. Its diverse range of products and solutions provide healthcare professionals with comprehensive clinical information, helping them to make potentially life-saving diagnostic decisions.

Building on its value of continuous improvement and driven by an ambition to meet customers’ ever-evolving needs, Radiometer wanted to explore the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) as a means of generating exact insights and fueling scientific advancements.

Radiometer was looking to find a responsible approach to designing, building and deploying an internal AI system, and a key factor in its decision to collaborate with KPMG in Denmark is how KPMG assesses the ethics, governance and security around clients’ AI and machine learning technologies. The set of frameworks, controls, processes and tools developed by KPMG professionals can help clients harness the power of AI in a safe, trustworthy and ethical manner, while realizing the highest value.

A longtime, loyal customer of Microsoft solutions, Radiometer’s decision to deploy the internal AI system on Microsoft Azure centered around the platform’s ability to optimize performance of business-critical applications.

Our response: Achieving individual and organizational value with AI.

From the outset, Radiometer’s leadership wanted to ensure that employees would derive individual value when using the company’s AI system. Specifically, that it would contribute to employees’ sense of competency, autonomy and creativity. Given that AI and machine learning is viewed by many as a threat to job security, this focus – on empowering people through the use of generative AI technology – was a core tenet of Radiometer’s design requirement. 

We wanted to build our people’s trust in AI, so we made sure our employees recognized that RADChat could be a tool to help grow people’s competencies. What’s more, we invited our people to experiment with the technology; to become part of its development. Essentially, to train and evolve it.

Jesper Hansen,
Vice President, CIO, Radiometer

Creating a backlog of the requirements needed to deploy an internal, data-integrated LLM solution was a key part of Radiometer’s collaboration with KPMG in Denmark, along with defining the organization’s AI roadmap, and establishing safe usage guidelines.

Rather than starting with a traditional PoC approach, KPMG in Denmark recommended making the tool widely available to help facilitate innovation and ensure broader use and adoption compared to more conventional approaches.

Casper Guldager
Director, NextGen Operations Advisory
KPMG in Denmark

RADChat, the proprietary LLM AI system co-developed by KPMG professionals and Radiometer, and powered by Microsoft Azure, has been deployed for use across a range of applications within the organization, including knowledge management and retrieval; customer sales, services and operations; and recruitment and onboarding. The tool is already transforming the business by automating and executing language-based tasks with unprecedented speed and efficiency. Moreover, the learnings are helping to shape and refine future use cases for the business.

The outcome: AI unlocks new power for Radiometer employees.

Much has been said of the potential of AI to liberate knowledge workers from tedious, time-consuming tasks, so they can focus, instead, on work that requires human ingenuity and creativity. RADChat, as a catalyst for innovation, is helping Radiometer realize business transformation through the combined power of people and generative AI technology. Employees have likened the tool to collaborating with a new co-worker and are supportive of the way it boosts productivity. “It’s like having a clever assistant,” an HR analyst at Radiometer says.

While it is undeniable that generative AI, as an emerging technology, entails clear uncertainties and risks, it also holds enormous potential. KPMG’s deep expertise in risk considerations with respect to emerging technology, such as AI, machine learning, and data and analytics, helps organizations, like Radiometer, navigate the way forward and bring responsible AI solutions to life. 

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