A Cyber Maturity Assessment (CMA) is a comprehensive risk assessment of the maturity of an organisation’s controls to prevent, detect, contain, and respond to threats and information assets. The CMA evolves traditional cyber maturity assessments by looking beyond pure technical preparedness — taking a rounded view of people, process and technology.

A CMA provides insights to understand risks and vulnerabilities, identify and prioritise areas of remediation, and demonstrate corporate and operational compliance. By outlining the cyber capabilities that require the focus of the board and translating them into an operational, business-enabling function, the CMA will help organisations to support and achieve business objectives, manage risk, build trust, and measure performance — turning information risk into business advantage.

How can we help you?

We perform CMA in close alignment with our clients’ purpose whether that is to baseline and track the progress of maturity over years, demonstrate compliance with industry standards, performing benchmark to peers, bring underdeveloped areas in spotlight, compare maturity cross business units or geographical areas etc.

The key benefits of using our flexible approach are that the KPMG CMA will support your cyber maturity journey independent of the level of maturity your organisation currently holds – immature organisations need to have a plan outlined, mature organisations need to show compliance and perform well in benchmarking.

Our Cyber Maturity Assessment helps organisations to:

  • Identify current gaps in compliance and risk management of information assets.

  • Assess the scale of cyber vulnerabilities.

  • Evaluate the level of cyber maturity on a site-by-site basis or at a company level.

  • Prioritise key areas for a management action plan.

  • Align and map cyber practices against industry standards e.g., NIST, CIS Controls, and ISO 27001 etc.

  • Compare with industry peers using industry insights.