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Our global business landscape is more fast-paced and unpredictable than ever. Competitive advantage will go to those who optimize technology to approach work holistically and navigate obstacles faster to improve experiences for people.

Unfortunately, many transformation projects do not realize their expected or full potential because automation takes a siloed approach rather than a holistic one that scales automation.

KPMG and SS&C Blue Prism provide customers with the leading intelligent automation platform and solutions to achieve transformational business value. By unlocking the potential of intelligent automation, organizations across industries can unify their workforce, transform customer and employee journeys and scale automation enterprise wide.

By unifying the workforce into one collaborative force — seamlessly connecting people and digital workers — organizations have the right resource, every time, to deliver the best business outcomes for customers and people. A unified workforce increases process efficiency, reduces operating costs and returns millions of hours to employees to focus on higher-value work.

Intelligent automation helps to transform journeys for customers and employees by connecting and enabling work at every step (tasks, processes, and operations) and level. It eliminates functional silos, aligns work to outcomes and reuses best practices and procedures. Intelligent automation enables organizations to rethink work and deliver exceptional experiences.

With deep experience in delivering and implementing intelligent automation solutions, KPMG and SS&C Blue Prism provide the visibility and alignment to manage the entire workforce and end-to-end journeys across the business, and, in so doing, drive the performance to deliver the expected results.

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Our solution automates processes in virtually all applications—including legacy apps where investment costs for traditional automation can be prohibitive.

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What do our clients say?

Below you can hear more about how our specialists have helped clients deliver transformational business value with robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation solutions from SS&C Blue Prism.

Nordea: A new end-to-end way of thinking

For several years, Nordea has used automation to streamline low-hanging fruit — one process at a time. Now the bank is looking more broadly at end-to-end processes by rethinking the structure of the processes themselves, rather than just having a digital worker do the work on existing ones.

With a more holistic approach, and a toolbox filled with different automation tools, Nordea has found automation potential of more than fifty percent. Nordea's automation department measures success by the number of hours they can give back to employees, and their goal is to give 22-25,000 hours back annually.

TDC: An interaction between digital workers and people

TDC has also automated many processes previously outsourced to partners in India and Denmark, among other locations. By using different intelligent automation solutions, the company has succeeded in backsourcing many financial processes, streamlining system outputs, consolidating work tasks and avoiding the organizational and communicative problems associated with outsourcing.

New processes have made it possible for work to be solved faster and more efficiently in the interaction between employees in Denmark and their new "robot colleagues," what we call digital workers. With just one digital worker, TDC has saved ten full-time employees. 

AP Pension: A future-proof scaling

For AP Pension, it has been crucial to scale their RPA activities and increase automation across the organization in a sustainable manner. While experiencing increasing operating costs, AP Pension also faced two other key problems: a lack of transparency into the work performed by digital workers on an operational level and a lack of insight into the value they created in comparison to people doing the same task.

This is where the Optomo solution came to the rescue. Optomo builds on SS&C Blue Prism’s RPA technology. AP Pension uses it as a holistic tool to schedule its digital workers more efficiently and automatically monitor and manage them. This has resulted in a significantly increased utilization of the company’s RPA licenses. 

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