Every business holds the potential to become data-driven, scalable and digital. By utilising a range of tools and technologies, we help you create the next generation of automation.

Automation entails utilising technology, programmes, robotic or processes to accomplish outcomes with minimal human intervention. The aim of automation is to streamline and improve efficiency in various processes, reducing the need for manual labour and increasing productivity. It can range from simple repetitive tasks, such as assembly line operations in manufacturing, to complex operations like data analysis and decision-making in business.

In Hyperautomation, we use our NewPractice methodology to help clients radically restructuring and digitalising business processes – e.g. automating and reducing time-consuming manual tasks. Our core capabilities are process analysis, the creation of automation designs and the delivery of low-code based solutions, which help our clients to be efficient and competitive.

We help create benefits by taking an end-to-end approach to process automation, by deploying process mining, RPA and GenAI, and leveraging e.g. the Power Platform from Microsoft to build zero human-touch automation. We strive to connect business and technology by which we employ a transformational approach to solutions and enlighten the world on the vast potential of AI.

With more than seven years of field expertise, we have partnered on ground-breaking projects. Explore a remarkable story below and see how TDC gained significant value through RPA.

Intelligent automation at TDC

TDC has used intelligent automation to backsource its processes related to customer payments, which entails that its employees in Denmark now operate with a robot. The robot has influenced TDC’s processes in many ways such as cost-savings and time optimisation and has saved ten full-time employees. The robot has undertaken the outsourced processes in TDC with an outcome that makes processes faster and precise.

TDC says that it is crucial to approach an issue in innovative and unconventional ways and to have an end-to-end mindset.

Read more about the case here.

How we deliver value to clients within hyperautomation:

  • building automations using NewTech-proven practices to deliver business value​
  • boosting Hyperautomation capabilities in organisations to accelerate adoption and efficiency​
  • fast and scalable application development through low-code solutions​
  • backsourcing of previously outsourced tasks with a focus on value and control.

Our offerings

Are you grappling with highly manual and non-scalable business processes that hinder your productivity and growth? We specialise in transforming traditional workflows into efficient, automated systems.

Our approach
We understand the challenges of businesses bogged down by manual processes. Our seasoned team collaborates closely with subject matter experts (SMEs) to comprehensively analyse your existing workflows. We delve deep into the intricacies of your operations, identifying bottlenecks, redundancies and areas ripe for optimisation.

What we deliver
We help deliver process automation using KPMG’s Powered Enterprise framework, combined with our NewPractice approach. This combination enables us to design and implement tailor-made automation solutions that align seamlessly with your unique needs. At KPMG, flexibility is our strength. Whether you are leveraging Power Automate, UiPath, Blue Prism or other platforms, we got you covered. Our team of specialists is equipped to seamlessly integrate with your current set-up.

We help you engage with your audience through interactive applications, so your organisation will stand out in the digital landscape. Whether you are looking to engage customers, empower employees or create memorable brand experiences, we have the expertise to turn your vision into reality.

Our approach
Our agile approach swiftly implements interactive applications for instant employee and customer engagement and fast-tracks your communication strategy. With user-centric design and scalable frameworks, we deliver immediate impact, fostering seamless collaboration.

What we deliver
We excel in transforming intricate processes into user-friendly low-code solutions, using platforms such as Power Automate, UiPath, Blue Prism and more, significantly reducing time and boosting efficiency. Our streamlined approach empowers your business with agile, responsive solutions, ensuring a seamless and accelerated workflow.

AI backsourcing refers to the practice of using automation and software robots to bring back outsourced processes or tasks to be managed internally within the company, as opposed to relying on external outsourcing abroad.

Costly, repetitive and routine work is well-fitted to being backsourced since software robots can handle the tasks cheaper, faster and with higher quality. Consequently, AI backsourcing is the next frontier in outsourcing because it leverages advanced technologies to reclaim control over critical processes, ensuring enhanced data security, agility and cost-effectiveness for businesses. This approach leverages artificial intelligence to optimise and personalise business processes. Unlike traditional outsourcing, AI backsourcing brings intelligence and adaptability to the forefront, ensuring a seamless integration of technology and human expertise.

Our approach
We combine artificial intelligence with outsourcing strategies, offering versatile alternatives to optimise your business operations. Harness the power of AI to drive efficiency, reduce costs and ensure seamless processes.

What we deliver
We are experienced in automating outsourced work, providing full operational insight, flexibility and control. With AI backsourcing, we help empower your organisation with greater control over processes, combining the efficiency of automation with the strategic oversight essential for success.

Read how we have helped TDC with backsourcing here.

Unlock the full potential of automation with our tailored services at KPMG. From Managed Automation, providing end-to-end support and seamless integration, to Automation Booster, a kick-starter to optimise existing processes for enhanced efficiency and Automation Expert Capacity, offering skilled resources for specialised projects, we tailor solutions to meet your unique needs. Experience a new era of operational excellence with our comprehensive suite of automation services.

Managed Automation
For you who seeks hyperautomation benefits without in-house capabilities. We enable your team to lead automation efforts or can fully manage your production. We do this using our proven practices and a business-driven approach for maximum value.

Automation Booster
For you who needs to ignite your hyperautomation journey and create instant value. Embarking on a digital journey may seem daunting, but we will guide you through the jungle of new technologies with expertise and support. We bring a specialist team and our hyperautomation toolbox containing accelerators and assets.

Automation expert capacity
For you who needs to augment your existing automation team with specific skills. We ensure full flexibility and plug-and-play resources, delivering projects as integrated team members.

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