Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation combines a range of tools and technologies to create next-generation automation. Create benefits by taking an end-to-end approach to process automation. Deploy Process Mining, RPA, Conversational AI and Machine Learning to build zero human-touch automation. Intelligent Automation uses technology as the starting point for creating business benefits.

Every business holds the potential to become data-driven, scalable, and digital. Using our NewPractice methodology, we are radically restructuring and digitalising business processes. Cutting-edge Intelligent Automation technologies allow us to build zero marginal cost processes with instant service delivery and infinite scalability. This fundamentally changes the rules of competition. How do you prepare your business for it?

Intelligent Automation at TDC

TDC has used Intelligent Automation to back source its processes related to customer payments, which entails that its employees in Denmark now operate with a robot. The robot has influenced TDC’s processes in many ways such as cost-savings, time optimisation, and has saved ten full-time employees. The robot has undertaken the outsourced processes in TDC with an outcome that makes processes faster and precise.

TDC says that it is crucial to approach an issue in innovative and unconventional ways and to have an end-to-end mindset.

Chatbot at Alm. Brand

Intelligent Automation can also extend to the adoption of Conversational AI in organisations.

The co-developed chatbot ALBOT has improved key measures for Alm. Brand, such at better customer service and time optimization.

ALBOT provides more consistent and faster answers that Alm. Brand can give to their customers, which improves the overall customer satisfaction. 

What do we offer?

We offer a range of services and technologies:
• RPA 
• Conversational AI
• Process mining
• IA Operating model
• IA strategy
• Education
• Machine Learning

We strive to connect business and technology by which we employ a transformational approach to solutions and enlighten the world on the vast potential of AI.


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