The emergence of the silicon transistor changed our digital landscape and profoundly changed our society, impacting our communication, globalization, and economy by the emergence of technologies such as GPS, the personal computer, and mobile cellphones. The rapid development of the classical computer has allowed us to solve problems and process amounts of data previously thought impossible.

With growing demands for faster and more effective computers on smaller chips, we may be starting to see the limitations of the classical computer. Quantum Computers may be an essential step in developing our digital society, promising exponential speed-ups for some algorithms and ability to handle large quantities of data in one processing. The emergence of quantum technology may affect our cybersecurity landscape as quantum computers may be able to break our standard encryption algorithms in a matter of minutes as well presenting new possibilities for encryption.

KPMG’s Global Quantum Hub located in the Copenhagen office offers education and advice on how to prepare your organisation for Quantum Technologies. Leveraging on partnerships with leading universities and tech-giants developing actual quantum hardware, KPMG offers guidance within Quantum Sensing, Quantum Communication and Quantum Computing technologies, helping identifying use cases, assessing cyber-risks and educate on quantum computers and their application.

Through education, risk assessments, optimization project on quantum devices as well as quantum inspired software we can help you start your quantum journey today. 

How we help you get started on your Quantum journey

Do you work within the following industries?

  • Telecommuncation
  • Financial Sector
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Pharma
  • Government
  • Logistics

Then KPMG can help ignite the quantum agenda in your company by creating an internal working group, identify threats and opportunities, bring short term result with the technology available today.

Our approach:

1. Cut through the hype: Obtain a fact-based overview of the current quantum technology.

3. Develop a plan: explore low hanging fruit and near future activities where quantum technology can bring an advantage (or a threat).

2. Make an informed decision: map the state of the art technology to your real business needs and understand your threats and opportunities related to quantum

4. Become a market driver: go in production and steer the interest of the quantum community towards promising applications.